Welcome to the Ninth RopeMarks newsletter.

We will briefly describe what we have been up to since our last newsletter and about interesting upcoming events where you can meet, greet and talk to us.

Last period we visited the annual German Fetish Ball in Berlin. This time not for work, but for fun. Here's a quick snapshot at the beginning of the ball together with Mr. Inner Sanctum, Spring and the sweet Iris Profiel, it went all downhill from here, straight into a very, VERY, fun night.. morning... just fun. But we wouldn't be we... us... me... RopeMarks, if there was not at least one obligation; we made shooting plans with the BlackSheep and Luisa L'Amour. Click here to jump to the photoshooting section of this newsletter.

Another big trip in the last period has been to Milano, Italy for the Shibari on Stage event by Maestro BD. The Shibari on Stage event is an innovative concept where you will see the art of Japanese Rope Bondage on the stage of an Official Theater. Click here to jump to the shows section of this newsletter.

On the social side we had a nice time with Tokyo Mistress Amrita; plans have been made...

The last humongous activity in the last period took place in Munich, BoundCon!
During this 4-day event RopeMarks was present with a big main stage act, several workshops, custom photo shoots and several smaller bondage activities. This there where also the first BoundCon awards: RopeMarks became best rigger and reached second place for best website. Another personal highlight was sharing the limelight with the one and only Matt Williams.


During the BoundCon event there was as always a special SubRosaDictum party; a must to visit, beautiful people, beautiful location, amazing laser show and very good atmosphere. Here is shot before my second vodka and with my first Spring... ;-)

p: Heinrich von Schimmer

Let's dive into the details of the previous period:



In the media

With all the days we have been away from home it was nice to come home to the interview we did with Collared, lifestyle & fasion.

www: Collared, lifestyle & fashion



The past period I have shot with Italian photographer Johhny Pixel and the sweet Minou Rossi as my model. Here is a quick sample, more soon on RopeMarks and Club RopeMarks.

p: Johnny Pixel | m: Minou Rossi | r: RopeMarks

Another great Italian photographer, Stefano Riccardi, managed to capture Minou Rossi beautifully in my ropes. More soon on RopeMarks and Club RopeMarks.

p: Stefano Riccardi | m: Minou Rossi | r: RopeMarks

Together with Portuguese photographer The BlackSheep and Spring we went out into Berlin in search for a special outside location and found it at the Teufelsberg. After our outside adventure in the Sun we went back inside and heat things up some more together with Louise L'Amour. Here are a few samples of the day, more soon on RopeMarks and Club RopeMarks.

p: The BlackSheep | m: Spring, Louise L'Amour | r: RopeMarks | outfit spring: Inner Sanctum



Now live on Club RopeMarks, "In bed with Spring"

So… here I am. Nervous, in front of hotel room 238. Wearing a silky black dress with sexy lingery underneath. All exactly like he told me in his very precise instructions. It’s exactly at a quarter past three. I have no clue what will happen now, but the door is slightly open and I enter the small hallway, wondering why the next door is closed.[...]

v: RopeMarks | m: Spring | r: RopeMarks
Go to this update on Club RopeMarks


Now live on Club RubberRestrained, "The initiation of Spring"

Please welcome new "face" Spring. We are delighted to have this sexy, beautiful and sweet submissive girl in our club [...]

v: RopeMarks | m: Spring
Go to this update on Club RubberRestrained

p: KinkyStyle | m: Spring
Go to this update on Club RubberRestrained




The past period we had the opportunity to perform our latest act "Fleisch" on two serious stages, once in an actual theater for the Shibari on Stage event and once on the bondage-performers dream stage on BoundCon. Fleisch is a truly edgy, fast paced performance with yet unseen transitions performed live, a true semenawa experience for the model in a horror-isch setting; a must see!

The Shibari on Stage event by Maestro BD is an innovative concept where you will see the art of Japanese Rope Bondage on the stage of an Official Theater. On the right a picture by Paolo Hack Schoneweiss from this performance, done together with Minou Rossi.

BoundCon... There is not really that much to add, &qout;BoundCon" says it all! An annual 3 (sometimes 4) day event of bondage extravaganza. Riggers and models flock to it like a holy place, over the course of the event it attracts a few 1000 visitors (5000?). On this "promised land" we got to perform "Fleisch", and it was good. The large area in front of the stage was packed with visitor way before the show started, the VIP area, looking out on the stage had people standing a few rows thick to watch wat was about to happen...

I have a number of video's of the performance that I will be editing and make available online here http://www.ropemarks.com/shows or here http://www.ropemarks.com/events. For now a snapshot by Elise Graves to wet the appetite:

p: Elise Graves | m: Spring | r: RopeMarks


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