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12 October 2011
PM3 PM3.RTK Firmware Update
From Ashtech Technical Support
Dear Ashtech Customers,
Our engineering teams in Russia and France have identified the issue with some ProMark 3 units losing satellite signal tracking periodically.  They were able to trace the source code down to an exception which was occurring when processing certain SBAS signals.  
This quick response was made possible through our partnership with you; the engineers could not have found the problem so quickly without the data sets collected and provided by several of you.  
Thank you! A new build of firmware for the ProMark 3 GPS processor (version P011) has been posted to our FTP site for immediate use.  An official notice will be sent out to the broader distribution channels next week but since you were directly affected, Ashtech did not want to make you wait longer than necessary to obtain the new firmware.
Thank you again for your help.
From Mark Silver:
Obviously all ProMark 3 and ProMark 3.RTK receivers should have firmware updated immediately!
This is a direct link to the updated GNSS Firmware:
Download the ZIP file to a empty folder on your computer. Extract the contents, you will end up with a .TXT file named 'P011.txt' and a folder named 'P011'.
Copy the file and the folder to the root of an SD Card.
From the Main Menu, use Utilities: AutoLoader. This utility can be found in the Utilities folder.
- Copy the txt file and folder with the same name to an SD card
- Insert that SD card into your ProMark3
- Launch the AutoLoader utility: from the ProMark3 workspace screen, double-tap the Utilities icon and then the AutoLoader icon
- Select the P010 file and then let the Auto-Loader utility complete the upgrade for you.
Reboot the receiver after applying the fix.
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