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Deadline for 
National Alpaca
Farm Days!


Today is the last official day
for cross country shipping
for National Alpaca Farm Days.
Order by Noon Pacific time.

But we can get orders out tomorrow and 
Monday by Priority Mail for
no extra charge.
A number of NAFD friendly items have
just came in:
Pocket Bears
More dryballs
Fuzzball Keychains
Fur Alpaca Figures
Finger Puppets

Alpacas are SUPER Trending!!
Fun ad from Samsung just out
Tips for Successful National Alpaca Farm Days

Tips gleaned from our customers experience over the years:
Email your current customer list.

CALL those stronger farm prospects.

Tell your local paper/events mag - they love this stuff!

Local radio might just come do a show!

Put signs on the road (with CLEAR dates/times) 3 days before.
Put up a flyer at feed, pet and vet establishments.
Invite local knitters/spinners to hang out, free snacks and tea.
Can you setup a safe petting area or "selfie" booth?
Google "public events in my area" to find more ways!
Think how you'd handle it if you get a HUGE crowd!

An alpaca "Selfie Booth" can have an amazing positive effect.
Guide the flow of people to stop by your alpaca products!
Have water, tea, snacks near your products area.
Have some theme music playing in the background.
Wear alpaca clothing, jewelry, t-shirts to set the theme.
Make sure alpaca products are part of the farm story.
Put out signs, handouts and tell folk
you'll have open days for Christmas season.
Get people to sign up on email/phone list (gift drawing?)
Have alpaca souvenirs to sell or even give away:
- Our Stickers, Pens, etc.
- Alpaca shaped Cookies
- Samples of alpaca fiber with your card
Have alpaca products available for sale!
Have some winter alpaca gift items on display.
You may be surprised at the early season sales and
your visitors will know to come back later! 
Everything we sell starts with, "will that sell in a farm store?" 
EVERYTHING you buy from Choice Alpaca Products
CAN BE RETURNED until next April, so you can't really go wrong!  
We encourage it!  We want you to love everything you try and keep coming back for more.
TOP ITEMS as learned from prior years' success:
Socks Socks Socks - an easy alpaca seller!
We have everything from alpaca themed thin cotton socks
to our SuperHeavyWeight Superwarm Alpaca Socks.
Our new Alpaca Watching socks are already a BIG hit!
Low price very comfy alpaca socks!

Be sure to show off the Superwarm and OutdoorAdventure 
socks for quick and repeat sales in the fall. 

Our top selling items for over 10 years!
OutdoorAdventure socks
"Superwarm" Super-Heavy-Weight alpaca socks
(our original and top selling product!)
80% Alpaca "American Traveler" socks
Everyday comfortable sock
Other new and popular items to consider

Prepare for later sales by having a few luxury 
alpaca scarves, throws and blankets available during NAFD.
Solid and Striped Alpaca Bed Blankets 
Alpaca Ponchos, many styles
Alpaca Lined Cowhide Leather Gloves - 4 colors
Also in Ladies specific style Red or Black
Alpaca Toys and Souvenirs 
Let your visitors take home a memory 
from their visit!

The Hottest Farm Visit Souvnir,
More NAFD ideas:
So many more online!
Made in the USA -
American Choice Alpaca Collection
Many more items online.
All designed for your farm store success!

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"Oh, I really wish I would have
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"I'm sad I didn't get more of those
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"I had no idea this stuff would be 
so popular!"
Top 10 Reasons
  1. Economy IS picking up! Plan for way more sales this fall.

  2. $750+ orders ship FREE!
    * Domestic USA orders. Comparable discounts available for international orders.

  3. We promote you on the Retailers MAP, proven to bring business. We're actively promoting Prefered Retailers for NAFD right NOW!

  4. Alpacas are SUPER trending this year all over Social Media and TV!

  5. The Retailers MAP and YOUR business is actively promoted on Google, Yahoo, etc. with our organic and paid listings and ads. 

  6. As an existing customer you can "finance" your $750+ order, spreading payments over 6-months, for just $30. Pick "Custom Payment" and please add a comment request with your order at checkout.

  7. More products let your customers know you're serious.

  8. Don't be left without or wish you had ordered more! 

  9. You're never ever "stuck" with any product!
    Returns are ENCOURAGED. You have until April of NEXT year. 
    We want you happy, confident and successful with all our products!

  10. A big and wide collection will have your customers coming back.
Get the whole store on sale for NAFD!
Enter Discount Coupon "NAFD5PCT
for 5% your entire order.

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