Hey friends & fans!

We were planning to keep quiet until we begin testing "release candidate" builds, but we've gotten a bunch of requests for updates, so here's a real, honest-to-goodness, official status update!

The game is playable from start to finish with more than 90% of the final assets in place. All of our builds are now distributed directly via Steam, which is pretty neat. Bugs are being squashed, and the last few features, puzzles, and gameplay refinements are being coded.

We'll probably have one or two more voice-over recording sessions with our final cast member, the supremely talented Stephanie Riggio. She's the last of more than 15 speaking roles in the game. Over the past few weeks, we've edited and mixed more than 130 of her voice clips, bringing us quite close to the end of the voice work for Prominence.

As the final voice and text gets finished and locked for release, we'll also move into our first round of localization, which will be German. We hope to make other translations available after the game's initial release.

One more track of in-game music is in the works, along with three or four remaining cinematic cues. We categorically deny the rumors that a drummer was brought in to play on a metal song related to the game...

In the art department, there are two (and a half) rooms/areas left to finalize, along with a few cinematics that are at various stages between "animatic" and "final". A list of tweaks for some areas/objects is being chiseled down to nothing.

It's amazing to think that we're approaching the final stages of the development process for Prominence. Whether you've followed us from the beginning or you've just recently joined us, we thank you!

To everyone who voted for us earlier this year on Steam Greenlight: thank you again for the incredible show of support! We were stunned and humbled at the response, and the Steam store page will go live once we lock down an "official" release date.

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Until next issue,
- the Prominence team