Sunday, January 27, 2008

Huntsville Town Hotline

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Weber School District Meeting Monday - Valley Elementary Construction and location to be discussed

As was stated a couple of weeks ago, the School District is seriously considering moving Valley Elementary to Eden, and the Huntsville Town council is urging them to stay and reconstruct in Huntsville.

The school board will be meeting Monday, and we encourage residents to attend in support of our efforts to keep the school in Huntsville.

The meeting will be held:

January 28,2008 @ 3:00 PM

Weber School District Offices

5320 Adams Avenue Parkway (near the Ogden Regional Medical Center)

South Ogden, UT


To review, Valley School has been a fixture in Huntsville since the late 1800's and has succumbed to fire twice over the last century or so. There is much history between those walls and on that hallowed ground.  The school is integral to the unique culture that is Huntsville Town.

Additionally, Huntsville has a library that was built in its present location largely due to its proximity to the school. Much of the Library’s programming is tailored to the elementary students. Things will certainly change with no school next door.

Also, we have a park adjacent to the school that is second to none, complete with fields, playgrounds, restrooms, tennis courts, pavilions, stage, ice rink, and so much more. You cannot put a price on those intangibles, and the School District could not replace the 85 year old Pine trees for any amount of YOUR money.

How many families over the years have generously donated to the Valley playground fund-raising effort or the ongoing Snowcrest Track fund-raiser, as well as other fund raisers? Our facilities offer a value that cannot be matched, at any price, and would allow the district to put more money into the school itself.

Downtown Huntsville has lost the Post Office and Market, and it is looking like the school is on its way out. It is time to let the board members know that keeping the school in Huntsville is important to our residents.

It would certainly be easier for District officials to simply start fresh on the Eden site, avoiding the hassles of temporarily uprooting 5th and 6th graders for a year during construction. But we have too much to offer and the kids are resilient. Adults are the less flexible ones.

While some from Eden and Liberty may initially think it best to have the school a short 4.5 miles closer, the school (and our town) leaves a lasting legacy on its students through ways that are immeasurable.

In closing, attached is an email I recently received from a former Valley student, now in her 30's. Interestingly, Nikki (Wilson) Wolthuis grew up directly across from the proposed site in Eden.

Mr. Sorensen,

My name is Nikki Wolthuis and I'd like to make a donation to the ice

rink fund and will put my check in the mail tomorrow. I don't

have a lot to give, but I'd like to show in some way my appreciation

for those who keep up the rink every year.

I grew up in Eden and attended Valley Elementary. In 2nd and maybe

3rd grade - early 80's - the ice rink was in the center of the park where

the soccer field is.

The teachers would provide us with skates and we had a blast skating

at recess. I don't know how many other elementary kids in the state

could say they had that opportunity.

It seems like the rink was absent for a few years, but in high school

and college -mid 90's-we would bring our dates to the rink. Then when

I was dating my husband I bought us both skates for Christmas. We had

a good time on a few occasions playing hockey with kids who were


Now we have three kids and I've outfitted them with skates that I have

picked up from the D.I throughout the years. We currently live in

Perry and have an ice rink just five minutes away in Mantua. Their

rink needs a little work and it would do them good to seek advice

from Huntsville.

Anyway, I'll probably never understand the great

effort that has been put forth to make and maintain the Huntsville

rink, but I sure appreciate it. Hopefully we will be able to make it

up there this year to enjoy all the hard work.



Nikki Wolthuis

Don’t just give our children an education, give them a legacy.

Whether you have kids who will attend or not (and my youngest will graduate from Valley this year), please attend the District meeting and let the Board know how important it is, not only for our town, but for our kids throughout the valley.

That’s all for now, have a great week.


Richard L. Sorensen

Huntsville Town Council Smile