Bag Making is FUN!
 September 30, 2021
a publication of StudioKat Designs
 Issue #206
So... summer's basically over and we've actually been lucky enough to already have experienced some refreshingly cooler temps in the past few days! We're also fresh off the 1st real vacation we've had since the onset of this lousy pandemic! I hope you've been able to carve out a little "down time" for yourself this summer as well, but now that we're back we are feverishly getting ready for the first BIG show in like... forever, the International Quilt Market! So while I go back to planning and packing I'll let you get started on this edition of "Bag Making is Fun"! So enjoy and thanks for taking time out of your busy day to catch up with us!

NEW at StudioKat Designs- 
it's been over two years since we've introduced a new zipper to our lineup, mostly because I just haven't found a style that I found interesting and different enough for me to pull the trigger....but then I ran across this new style which I have affectionately called the "Tire Track" zipper. You can see it in the photograph at the far left!
The photo in the center-left gives you a good idea of how this zipper will look when its sewed inside a seam. It's a coo look, right? 
We're stocking these new zips in the 10", 20" closed bottom style and the 22" size (with two zipperpulls). You can find out more and get some for your next project by clicking HERE!
Coming SOON! the International Quilt Festival-  
Well the last 18 months have been rather hard on us with the loss of all of our retail shows AND the Quilt Market, so it was a huge disappointment to learn that the Fall Quilt Market was cancelled for the 2nd straight year. BUT... the International Quilt Festival is going LIVE and we're pretty encouraged by that. We'd LOVE to see you there to show you all the "new stuff" we've created since 2019! For more info go HERE
The BEST Way to Reheat Pizza!
The very moment pizza is born out of the oven, it’s too hot to eat, but as soon as it starts cooling down it begins its inevitable march toward complete decay, just like everything else on Earth.
So...Popular Science’s DIY team tracked down the most popular strategies for re-heating, bought a whole lot of pizza, and put them all to the test. Click HERE to find out the BEST way to reheat your pizza! 
Pantone released its fashion color trend report for Spring 2022 and this time the Institute has chosen not one, but FIFTEEN colors that display our post-pandemic need for comfort and clarity, but also free-spirited optimism, and a feeling of new liberation! Click HERE to see the colors!

Also NEW at StudioKat Designs- 
So... one of the many new realities we've had to put up with during this pandemic is S-L-O-W shipping and since most of our fabric is manufactured in China, fabric shipments have been ULTRA slow! But finally, the yummy Peacock Flourish fabric we used in the Elsie K Baglet sample (at left) is in stock! Click HERE to pick up a little fabric kit for YOUR  next project!
20 Inventions that Changed the World!
It’s easy to take many of the marvels of design and engineering we interact with on a daily basis for granted (think toilets, seat belts, and suspension bridges). From blood banks to barcodes and beyond, here are the stories behind 20 inventions that changed the world.


Why We Stopped Shipping to Europe- 
It all started with Brexit. That's when it was announced that all goods imported to England, Scotland, and Wales would face the new VAT (aka Value-Added Tax). Under the new system, sellers would now have to pay the VAT instead of buyers. The due date to pay these taxes would also move to the point of sale, AND all sellers would be required to register and account for the VAT to the UK’s HM Revenue and Customs Department (wherever that is!). Sound confusing & a pain in the butt? You bet it is... you can read more HERE if you like.

Check out this month's Discount Coupon Offer!
Our coupon offer for this issue is for our ErgoMatic pattern as well as the ErgoMatic Notions Only Kit! From now thru midnight on Sunday night, October 3rd you can use this code - 597AERGO - to get $3.99 off either our Ergomatic pattern OR our ErgoMatic Notions ONLY Kit.
This coupon code cannot be used for previous purchases, or in combination w/other discount offers. It will expire at 11:59pm on the night of 10/03/21.  

And Finally... A FUN Video!
I think you'll love this sweet little video story about a orphan squirrel! 
Click the image or HERE to watch it! 
In closing- 
Thanks for reading this onth's edition of Bag Making is FUN.
I appreciate all of you, and can't wait for things to be better for ALL of us! So that's it until next month when I'll look for you around the 15th another edition 
of Bag Making is FUN!
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