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Online Resources
and Easter break
The new cycle started, and we are already moving into the content of the Orange Cycle in the Omote classes. To help a bit regarding this content, attached once more the PDF with the cycle overview, and here you can find the current Kata: https://yadi.sk/i/mvHMqjdC3TgcXA
The video is part of the growing Online Resources Web Portal we are working on. It is a lot of work, it will take a while, but you will be able to find a comprehensive database of Missing Link Martial Arts there - texts, video tutorials, Webinars, the chance to receive private lessons via Online connection and much more.
The Web Portal is meant to connect Missing Link worldwide. We are growing in Germany, started Missing Link Finland and high class teachers of Karate in other countries might join as well. So stay tuned - Missing Link in Manchester is at the centre of a huge development we are very proud of. Part of these developments are of course also the KarateTalks. If you missed the last one, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhjjcfghVQ0
Jorge Sensei is traveling in South America for the next weeks, but as soon as he is back, prepare for the next Talk! 
After Easter: 
Prepare for two awesome events.
April 15th: Cafe Karate with Jürgen Höller
Jürgen is an old friend of Heero from Germany. They met working for the police in Bonn, back then German capital and an amazing melting pot of martial arts knowledge and ability. Jürgen is well-known as a hardcore full contact expert, wrote many books and qualified in his nearly five decades of martial arts in professional sports. Do not miss. 

May 12th: Detlef Kröschel
Detlef and Heero met at the same spot as Jürgen and Heero: Working for the police in Bonn, where Detlef developed the women's self defence concept that became the core of violence prevention for many German police departments. 
Detlef was instructor of the bodyguards of the German Federal Police (the people who protect the highest ranked politicians) and worked with police forces around the world. He is visiting Heero on a private trip and we will be able to spend a few hours with him training the nasty parts of self defence.