Animal Holidays for September
Pet Smile Month

World Animal Remembrance Month

Pet Health Insurance Month in Canada

Happy Healthy Cat Month Established by the CATalyst Council.

National Disaster Preparedness Month

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week (Last Full Week in September)

Deaf Pet Awareness Week. By (Last full week in September)

Sept. 6: Pink Panther's Birthday

Sept. 9: National Pet Memorial Day

Sept. 13: Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day 
Sponsored by the MBJungle Foundation.

Sept. 28: World Rabies Day
Sponsored by the Global Alliance for Rabies Control.
People foods cats can eat (and some they shouldn't)

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Sept. 7, 2018
All About "Toe Beans!"
Are you familiar with those cute little "toe beans" that cats have? They're cute, but I never knew they're called "beans" now. Must be something new.

Cats Love Boxes, Even When They Aren't Real

As much as cats love snuggling into boxes, they will even get into a "virtual" box!
All that's necessary is for something to look like one.  (Thanks to Maggie for sending me this article!)
Top 10 Behavior Problems in Cats
As always, litter box avoidance is at the top of most "problem cat" lists, followed closely by spraying, or urine marking. These ten tips are brief, but may help a person focus on the basics and pursue solutions. Don't forget to visit my site, The Problem for more discussion on these and other topics.
(Thanks to Paul DeCeglie for sending me this article!)
Toxoplasmosis Back in the News
This is a very serious disease and is not to be taken lightly. However, the use of scare tactics has not abated. If anything, it's getting worse. The problem I see is that this makes life harder on cats unnecessarily. Just relax, use common sense and learn that precautions are so easy. No need to kick the cat out if someone at home gets pregnant!
First, here is the scary article, although it contains some helpful and hopeful news of better testing:
And here is my article from 2009, demonstrating that it's not as universal a problem as they want us to think it is:
Cat age equivalents come up in conversations quite often, including trivia questions on television game shows recently, so I am sharing this again in case you're curious.