Hi Cat Lover!

This just could not wait until the next newsletter. There's only 3 days left
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Dr. Jones just finished a new video and special report.

It will be for sale, but in the next 3 days it's free for you,
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The Video is titled "How to Start Healing Your Dogs and Cats At Home
with Natural Remedies."

It's a detailed PowerPoint and demonstration video in which Dr. Jones
shows you:

How to examine your pet at home.
His advised Healing Modalities
Questions to ASK at your veterinarian.
Quick, Easy and Effective remedies that you can use right now
How to use Nutraceuticals,
Best HEALING herbs,
Top homeopathics,
Most effective Acupressure points,
Key Massage skills for natural pain relief.

This special report goes into detail on the top 20 Dog and Cat
Diseases, with Dr. Jones' advised Holistic Solutions.

Get your complimentary copy here:


Just to let you know, this report is very comprehensive, which
makes the video a rather large file. It's 423 MB. If you are able
to download files that large, this is a perfect opportunity to get
a huge amount of professional information for free.

Best Wishes,

RJ Peters

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