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May Day is International Worker’s Day!

Louis Armstrong once said “San Francisco is The City that is so hip that even the squares have their own Union!”
All over the world people celebrate workers and labor on May 1st. San Francisco is a city long synonymous with Labor and Trade Unions.  Our history of organization and support of working people is not just celebrated today, but every day,  
In that spirit, we offer special prices on our Walking On Water Tour which highlights the history of labor and unions in a part of the city that was built not on Rock and Roll, but on H-2-O.
Wednesday  May 10th is Bike to Work Day, sponsored by the SF Bicycle Coalition.  This organization has worked tire - lessly to make The City one of the most bike friendly cities in the US.
Here is a chance for you learn some only in San Francisco stories of Labor, Lore and Legends in the usual Foot! fun style while supporting a long tradition of biking in The City.   
Purchase tickets for any May 2018 Walk On Water Walk On Water Tour, get $5 off and FOOT will donate a portion of the sale to the Bike coalition.   You can also make a donation directly to them here.

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We ran across [get it?] this vintage 1894 picture of the Bay City Wheelmen taken at 21st and Shotwell, most of these guys look surprisingly similar to today’s Mission hipsters. 

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