Medic unjustly denied CO discharge sues Army, with your help

wailbacher250With your help, objector Robert Weilbacher will overturn the illegal denial of his conscientious objector discharge in federal court. The ACLU attorneys are donating their time; however, they are counting on Courage to Resist and supporters like you to cover expenses, including travel and court fees. Will you help us cover the $5,000 Robert needs? Please donate today.

By the American Civil Liberties Union of the Nation’s Capital. April 30, 2015

WASHINGTON – A U.S. Army medic stationed in Korea has asked a federal court in Washington D.C. to order the Army to discharge him as a conscientious objector. The Army refused to release Robert Aaron Weilbacher from his enlistment, according to the lawsuit, even though his claim was upheld by the Army Conscientious Objector Review Board, whose decision was final under the Army’s own regulations. Weilbacher is represented by the American Civil Liberties Union of the Nation’s Capital.

After a lengthy investigation and a hearing, the Army’s Review Board determined that clear and convincing evidence established that Weilbacher’s sincere and deeply held moral and ethical beliefs do not permit him to continue to serve in the military. Army regulations entitle sincere conscientious objectors to an honorable discharge if their beliefs have changed since they enlisted.

wailbacherACLU-DC Legal Director Arthur Spitzer said: “this case is about the importance of protecting the rights of military conscientious objectors and about the importance of government agencies – including the military – following their own rules and regulations. In Mr. Weilbacher’s case, the Army didn’t follow its own rules and regulations, and failed to honor his deeply held moral and ethical objection to participation in war.” ...

Weilbacher’s legal action claims that the Deputy Assistant Secretary’s action was unlawful and contrary to Army Regulations, and that the Review Board’s final decision granting him an honorable discharge as a conscientious objector should be implemented immediately.


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