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Ron Paul Attack Continues
Joe Kintsel Returns
McAlister Straw Poll Draws More Criticism
Legislstors invited to CAIR Conference Set For March
Christmas Massacre or Muslim Honor Killing?
The Alliance for Vigilance Event Set for January 12th – 13th
Bond Issue Story Starting to Get Traction
Representative Bennett Joins Costello in
 Calling For U.S. Dept Labor to Stand Down
Two Oklahoma Gun Rights Group Find Themselves Placed on  Terror Watch List for Defending Constitutional Rights

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Ron Paul Attack Continues
The latest polls have Ron Paul and Mitt Romney neck and neck in the Iowa Caucus race so it is no surprise that hit pieces on Paul are being published.   Paul has really tapped into the mood of the country, the fear of out of control spending, the never ending wars that grind up our valiant military men and women, and the rapid loss of constitutional liberties.  Here are some of the more outrageous articles:
Doomsday scenario campaign, writers have an obvious ax to grind but the comments were all pro Ron Paul.
Here is one on Paul’s Israel stance, claiming apartheid, and a really strange video.
This one is about Paul’s threatened “no” vote on the Afghanistan invasion and a Ron Paul staffer mutiny.   Dondero, who is Jewish, also addressed allegations that Paul is an anti-Semite, racist and homophobe.
This one is way over the top, comparing Jeremiah Wright with Ron Paul
Joe Kintsel Returns
We broke the story last week that former House Parliamentarian Joe Kintsel was returning after a six month stint with a local think tank.   Capitol sources claimed that Kintsel was brought back to try to stem the hemorrhaging of the Speaker Steele regime by finding any possible loopholes to prevent Speaker Steele from being thrown out of office.    Here is the actual email announcing Kintsel’s return:
“From: Kris Steele
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2011 1:10 PM 

I am pleased to announce that Joel Kintsel will be returning to work for the House of Representatives. After a brief stint in the private sector, Joel will return to the House to serve as House Parliamentarian / Administrator, effective Jan. 3. Given Joel’s immense talents and familiarity with the House, he will be a valuable asset to our institution.

The current organization of the Office of the Clerk will remain intact when Joel returns. Jan Harrison will remain Clerk of the House and will share administrative oversight of all House divisions with Joel. Arnella Karges will serve as Deputy Parliamentarian. No other organizational changes will be made.”
So Speaker Steele basically padded the state payroll with another highly paid employee it seems without considering the tough budget outlook in 2012.   Kintsel had served as the Chief Clerk and as the Parliamentarian, so Jan Harrison and Arnella Karges will now help Kintsel perform a job Kintsel once performed alone.    So is that three six figured salaries instead of one?
There was one interesting part of this Oklahoman story on the Kintsel return where Kintsel volunteers that it was his idea to return to the state job.   Former Oklahoman reporter John Estus, Speaker Steele’s current communications director, took the ball a little further down the field with his claim that no other House employees or members reached out to Kintsel about returning.
“Kintsel said he approached House Speaker Kris Steele about returning to the House.
Steele, R-Shawnee, did not reach out to Kintsel about returning, nor did any other House members or employees, said John Estus, Steele's communications director.   “ 
Really?   Can't you guys make it more obvious?   When you read that article both Kintsel’s and Estus’s comments stand out like feces in a holiday beverage concavity.   
 Hamlet Act 3, scene 2 comes to mind:  “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”
McAlister Straw Poll Draws More Criticism
Last week’s story on Congressional District 2 candidate George Faught's campaign staff being implicated in a straw poll voter fraud scheme brought an immediate reaction from both the organizers of the event and other grassroots Republican activists that were disgusted by what went down.    Ottawa County Republican Chairman Jay Calan called the episode “appalling” in an email to fellow Republicans.   Ottawa County Republicans Mike Tuttle and Mona Poole were listed as present during the Straw Poll shenanigans and all three were reportedly “appalled” at the way the straw poll was conducted.
Others rushed forward to support Holli Gerard, claiming that she wasn’t wearing a George Faught tee shirt and even furnished video of part of the event but the video was at the beginning of the event not during the actual straw poll.  It was shown that Gerard waited till December 7th   to resign her GOP position, months after this controversy first arose.    Other inconsistencies were cleared up, it was Lepac’s son that was initially refused a vote in the straw poll due to a misspelling of his name, and allegedly he was given a ballot after the controversy was cleared up.   And the organizers of the straw poll admitted that they reopened voting after the poll was finished and allowed out of district Republicans to vote in violation of the rules because “as they had traveled in for the meeting.” 

One never knows in these things just where the real truth lies as the info comes second hand but it always pays to look at who stands to gain and who might be pulling strings in the background.   One potential puppeteer is 2nd Congressional candidate Wayne Pettigrew who was allegedly refused the right to cast a vote in the straw poll because his ID showed him still living in Edmond, out of the district boundaries, and initially only those that lived in the 2nd District were allowed to vote.   Looks like Wayne Pettigrew is a carpetbagger, moving into the district just to run for office.
Pettigrew reportedly threw quite a fit over being excluded by the rules and there were reports of other arguments occurring at the end of the straw poll between Gerard and other Republicans.   I know too well that second guessing is always easier than putting a plan into action but airing questionable episodes like this always makes for a more honest organization.   Coincidently or not, Mr. Russell’s letter got little response until it was publicized in the Sooner Tea Party newsletter.  Matt Pinnell, State Chairman of the GOP, had previously called Mr. Russell and dismissed his concerns.
But wait a minute, we were talking about Wayne Pettigrew throwing a hissy fit and just in case old Wayne helped stir the pot a bit let’s talk about Pettigrew and his political past.
 Brillo Pad Inventor or Policical Candidate Wayne Pettigrew?
Pettigrew is a former Republican legislator best known for supporting the Democrat agenda and for his part in lobbying for the Highway Spy Camera scheme that almost got implemented on unsuspecting Oklahomans in 2010.  According to inside sources at the Department of Public Safety and the Oklahoma Department of Homeland Security Pettigrew acted as the “go to guy” after InsureNet was chosen as the vendor for spy cameras that were to be turned on Oklahoma motorists in an attempt to drum up $50,000,000.00 in new fines in order to balance the state budget in 2010.
The word is that Pettigrew was to received $300,000.00 in commissions for each state that he was able to sign up for the InsureNet scheme that involved getting state authorization for the private  company to set the highway cameras and to sift the tag numbers through InsureNet’s data base to ascertain which cars didn’t have liability insurance. 
 The plan was being implemented until it was determined that it couldn’t legally be implemented until it passed through the House Public Safety Committee.  The problem was that Committee Chairman Randy Terrill had already slammed the brakes on the issue after a hearing where an InsureNet representative, Barry Switzer, and Tinker Owen (a close friend of Pettigrew) had pitched the idea.  Reports also state that former Representatives Curt Roggow and Greg Piatt were greasing the skids.   Pettigrew’s position at InsureNet apparently didn’t get mentioned at the hearing.
The plot thickens though when a May 24th 2010 email from Pettigrew to Mike McCarville surfaces where Pettigrew gets caught telling a major fib:
“InsureNet responded to a request for information that was put out by the department last October as did several companies. We also have responded to the request for proposal that the department issued in March. This process has done under the normal procurement procedures and has respondents from several companies that provide these services and equipment. To my knowledge, a vendor has not been selected."
But on March 2nd 2010 Pettigrew testified before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Transportation Committee:
“CHAIRMAN MARKOSEK: “Was there at least one state that had this and no longer has it or were there some states—are you aware if any states that have been through this?”
 MR. PETTIGREW: “. . . we are currently in the implementation process in three states, Oklahoma is one of them. . .”
 Busted!   I guess that $300,000.00 commission was worth stretching the facts over.   Even more damming for Pettigrew’s character is that he has repeatedly vowed that it was not him at that Pennsylvania Transportation Committee meeting.  Uh, Wayne, just how many people named Wayne Pettigrew are  out there that are from Oklahoma and a former Oklahoma Representative and worked for InsureNet at the time?   Must be a batch of Pettigrew clones out running around, huh?
Pettigrew appears to be quite the Casanova as well according to this report from the Oklahoma Truth Council.  Don’t ask me how I managed to get in that story, I am not running for any office and can’t imagine ever doing so.
But one of the more interesting aspects of Wayne Pettigrew’s candidacy is his lack of public support shown by his campaign donation record.  It appears that he is mostly paying for his own campaign costs:
2012 D2 Race
Wayne Pettigrew (R)
Raised:            $92,778
Spent:  $80,271
Cash on Hand:            $12,507
Last Report:    September 30, 2011
legend             PAC contributions      $0        (0%)
legend             Individual contributions         $3,950             (4%)
legend             Candidate self-financing        $88,828           (96%)
legend             Other   $0        (0%)
But the last word on a politician is what his peers think of him.   Here is an off color but absolutely hilarious article on Pettigrew from a few years back
CAIR Conference Set For March
RINO Legislators Receive Invitiation
How Deep Is Muslim Influence Over House Leadership?
CAIR is the Council on American Islamic Relations, which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.   In this interview the leader of Oklahoma CAIR is squirming over the allegations including a quote from a CAIR leader stating that Islam should be the highest religion in America.   This becomes an issue for the Sooner Tea Party after we received a copy of a card mailed out to Muslim friendly legislators inviting them to a conference set for Saturday, March 31st, at the Marriot located at 3233 Northwest Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK,
Meet your elected officials?   Why are our elected officals pandering to a group with ties to terror organizations?   It is bad enough that Islamic terrorism has been on a rampage since the early 70’s, killed thousands or our citizens on 9-11 and in the Iraq and Afganistan wars, not to mention being the excuse used to strip constitutional rights from American citizens.  Most Tea Party folks are live and let live types and I am no different but of all groups to pander to, this has to be the worst possible one.
Initially I thought the anti Islamic groups were going a bit overboard but as things develop it seems that they have good cause to worry.  We all remember the Ft. Hood shooting where the FBI had been investigating the Muslim shooter long before he cracked and shot dozens of American servicemen and women.   This story gives details of a Muslim infiltration of Homeland Security.  It seems that American has bent over backward to avoid treating the Muslims  in accordance with their attacks on America and instead has forced  American children and American women to suffer incredible indignities at the hand of airport screeners.
The Sooner Tea Party calls on all legislators to pledge to boycott the CAIR conference in March and calls on activists to picket the event and photograph all the attendees.   Afterward we will help sift through the photographs and inform the voters of those Oklahoma legislators that think it is okay to rub elbows with terror support groups.  Links with all 148 legislator contact info is at the bottom of this newsletter.   Call em, email em, light em up if they don't agree to boycott the Mulsim event.
Christmas Massacre or Muslim Honor Killing?
We all reacted in horror after hearing of the Christmas massacre down near Grapevine Texas.   But what few know is that there is more to the story than what the media told us.  This story shows that the killer and his victims were all Muslims and it has the iron clad marks of an honor killing.
This media report neglects to mention the Muslim part of the story but it quotes one of the surviving family members as calling for strict gun control laws.  Yeah, like that would have stopped this from happening.  The guy was an Arab Muslim that had lost control over his family and he would have sawn their heads off it that was what it took.
This story left out the Muslim connection, as did this one, and this one, and this one, or this one and those were the top Google results from a search on the topic.  Getting the picture here?  The Media is purposely covering up the Muslim connection to the story.
The Alliance for Vigilance Event Set for January 12th – 13th
The Alliance for Vigilance is hosting a two day seminar called Understanding the threat to America that deals with the threats America is facing from Muslim extremists as they burrow deeper and deeper into the fabric of our country.  The focus of the event is on training law enforcement officers, military, government, religious and business leaders  on the nuances of the infiltration of radical Islam using retired Delta Force General Jerry Boykin along with a former FBI Counter Terrorism agent John Guandolo, and Steve Coughlin, an Army Major who used to brief the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon.  
The seminar offers a Continuing Education credit from CLEET for law enforcement officers but it is up to the officers to pay their own costs.  The organizers are soliciting sponsors and donations for the event to help defray the costs.  Contact The Alliance for Vigilance Executive Director Michael Hoehn at if you wish to help out.  I understand that Michael is volunteering his time for this project.
General Boykin will also be speaking Friday night at Windsor Hills Baptist Church, 5517 N. W. 23rd Street, Oklahoma City, 7:30 PM.
Admission to the event is $25.00 plus another $8.00 if you want a box lunch.   Fairview Baptist Church is located near Danforth road and I-35 on the North side of Edmond
(Corner of Sooner Road and Danforth. 1/4 mile west of I-35).
  Here is a flyer for the event.  Please forward this to as many people as you can and make plans to attend.   I’ll be attending and I usually do not get involved with the anti CAIR groups.   This one stands out as they seem to be action orientated and one of the most crucial things that can happen in 2012 is to picket that March CAIR conference and lay the law down to all our public officials: 
Thou shalt not consort with America’s enemies.
Bond Issue Story Starting to Get Traction
First it was Charlie Meadows of OCPAC that picked up our story a few weeks ago on the billion dollar plus bond issues that Oklahoma House Republican leadership had planned for 2012 then the story got picked up by
We will give Charlie a pass for his monkey see, monkey do thing as long as he is doing something useful.   But we would like to extend a hand the team on future stories  before they trust House leadership on these things.
The story states:
“House Appropriations and budget Committee Chairman Earl Sears) says if it’s up to him, the FY2013 budget will not include any bonding except for improvements to the State Capitol building.”
The Oklahoma Watchdog story goes on to say that Sears  has a list of projects people are asking to get bonds for that totals a billion dollars but  quotes Sears as saying:
 “I really believe if we’ve asked people to tighten their belts, I do not want to go out and bring on any more bond indebtedness.  There’s an environment out there that we need to start living within our means until the economy turns around.”
Okay…boys and girls at the Oklahoma Watchdog, give me a call before you believe what Sears says because it was Earl Sears himself that was asking legislators to send him requests for new bond issues.   We published a purloined photo of the list of over $1,000,000,000.00 (one billion dollars) in new bond sales in our December 19th newsletter but held back a cover letter that accompanied a second source of the bond list, from an email sent out by Representative Earl Sears.
Representative Sears is caught with his pants down for the entire world to see, caught up by his own email sent out to the entire legislature.   What is next, Earl?   “I did not have indebted bond relationship with that woman…Mary Fallin.”  Is there going to be another Trooper Gate controversy?   Does Mary wear the blue dress or do you wear it?  Regardless of who is wearing the blue dress, Earl Sears has his own stain to worry about in the coming legislative session, that of losing his credibility with the media and with fellow House members that believe that honesty is the best policy.
And by the way, the number three question:
 3. Last year the Treasurer’s Office and the Oklahoma Insurance Department expressed a desire to no longer be provided an appropriation and to operate from various revenue sources they collect. Would you favor, under certain circumstances, converting one or more agencies to a non-appropriated status?
Are you advocating taking the Treasurer’s office out of the accountability loop of the legislature?  With the notorious Ken Miller at the head of the organization?  The one that lied about his voting record during the Treasurer’s race?    And you want to drop control over the Oklahoma Insurance Department?  Not that John Doak has the reputation that Miller earned, but with all the anti Obama Care mood and House leadership determined to ram Obama Care down the collective throat of Oklahoma?   I think that John Doak would agree that the more control the legislature has over state agencies the better and that both departments can continue depositing their revenue in the state’s general fund and receiving their funding from the legislature.
I don’t think so Earl.  Now get to scrubbing on that stain, the legislature opens in five weeks.
Representative Bennett Joins Costello in
Calling For U.S. Dept Labor to Stand Down
Oh, you just have to love the courage of the good guys at the Capitol.  State Rep. John Bennett joined Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Mark Costello in opposition to the “idiotic” proposed U.S. Department of Labor rules that would prevent teenagers from working on local farms and ranches.  Below are some excerpts lifted from Representative Bennett’s press release:
“These proposed federal regulations are of great concern to many farmers and ranchers who employ local youth to help out on family farms and ranches,” said Bennett, R-Sallisaw. “I was raised on a family farm and I helped with the work at a very young age. I do not want the next generation to be denied similar opportunities. This type of government overreach greatly concerns me and I appreciate Commissioner Costello’s willingness to stick to his conservative principles in announcing his opposition to the U.S. Department of Labor rules.”
Among other things, the proposed revisions to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act rules regarding child farm workers would make it illegal for a teenager to ride on a tractor, herd cattle, or brand cattle.  The regulations are also opposed by the Farm Bureau and Cattlemen's Association.
“Kids have worked on farms and ranches for generations without any problem, and there is no reason for the federal government to suddenly outlaw these youth employment opportunities,” Bennett said. “I agree with Commissioner Costello’s assessment that these proposed regulations were clearly designed by someone with no knowledge of rural America or how young people obtain important job skills in agriculture. I applaud and stand alongside Commissioner Costello in this fight. We need more individuals like him serving in public office to defend the rights of ‘We the People.”
Semper Fi, Representative Bennett.   You make me proud to be an Oklahoman.  We need another fifty like you at the Capitol.
Two Local Gun Rights Groups Find Themselves
Listed as Terror Groups For
 Defending Constitutional Rights
This Was After Governor Fallin Unleashes Unmanned Drone Program
On Oklahomans and Funding Fusion Centers by Executive Order
Last week we talked about the NDAA bill that sanctified the imprisoning of American citizens without a trial or due process and mentioned a story on unmanned drones being used against American citizens.  The initial “crime” that brought the state down on the farmer and his family in the story was planting crops up to the section line in violation of land use regulations.  But you say, that could never happen in Oklahoma, the reddest of red states!   Au contraire my good people, Dear Leader Mary Fallin quietly signed an executive order last May creating the Governor’s Unmanned Aerial System Council and she left room at the table for Federal employees.
The Governor’s Drone Council seems to be exploring increasing jobs for the development and use of unmanned military drone aircraft that were designed for applications against our battlefield enemies but these drones can also be used to identify, target, and provide secret surveillance against Oklahomans.    I suppose they will also consider putting Hell Fire Missiles on the dang things.
A few newsletters back we talked about High Policing, the shift from focusing police assets on protecting the citizens to protecting the government from the citizens.  Now you know why there are not enough police on the streets to protect homes and businesses or investigate crimes, too many are busy spying on Oklahomans to deal with trivial things like burglaries and rape.    I suppose Dear Leader Mary Fallin wants the drones in place for the next round of Tea Party events so she can take pictures and use the facial recognition software and our biometric drivers’  license photo data base to identify the protestors.  Or maybe she has her eye on another cute state trooper and wants to ogle him from a distance?
Of course the executive order doesn’t specifically state that drones will be sued to infringe Oklahoma civil liberties but it doesn’t exclude the use of the drones on citizens either.  This story lays out the goal of the drone supporters near the end of the article:
“By 2018, aerospace analysts The Teal Group expect that 15,000 unmanned aerial vehicles will be in use inside the U.S.A.—which is nearly half of the total worldwide.
Aviation observers expect the drones to be deployed under a variety of circumstances — some are being tested for deployments in U.S. arenas of war abroad, others are used by federal and state law enforcement agencies as surveillance aircraft.
This report by the states that perhaps drones are already being tested in Oklahoma.
The drone program might be part of the Fusion Center program that was slated to lose funding in 2012 until Dear Leader Mary Fallin shifted the funding requirement from Federal agencies to Oklahoma agencies by using an executive order, bypassing the legislature who had earlier refused to continue funding the program.  
And what in the heck are Fusion Centers?  Glad you asked…
Fusion Centers were created under a joint project between the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of Justice between 2003 and 2007.   Their original stated purpose was for the prevention of terrorism and to provide a response center should a terror attack occur.  They gather or “fuse” data from government sources and from partners in the private sector like banks, retail stores, or utility companies.
The idea was to share information between the CIA, FBI, Department of Justice, U.S. Military, state, and local governments with around 72 of the fusion centers in existence as of July 2009.   It didn’t take long for the fusion centers to find other work to keep them busy when a report surfaced out of Washington state that said anti war, peace activists, and anarchists were being spied upon.
The entire idea is to sift through massive amounts of raw data in real time that comes in from state, local, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies and couples it with credit card data, utility use data, highway cameral data, and reports on suspicious activity from concerned citizens.  Their thought is that as the amount of data increases, the more accurate the data will become as they can track a potential trouble maker as he drives down the road, buys products or chemicals for nefarious purposes, receives the wire transfer or checks from supporters, and perhaps even watch what the suspect reads on the internet, what he  reads in  his email, and watches what arrives in his post office box.
The centers are not staffed by skeleton crews waiting for a disaster, they are staffed full time with analysts constantly watching and sifting through data in an attempt to prevent crime.  There will be OSBI agents, local police agents, FBI, CIA, and other government agencies represented by staffers whose job is to funnel information and data into the process and then funnel the data back to their respective organizations.  Their stated purpose is maximizing the ability to detect, prevent, apprehend, and respond to criminal and terrorist activity.  State and local cops provide most of the manpower but resources can be drawn from DHS or private sector sources and includes hotlines where sanitation workers or firefighters can call in tips.
If you were to visit the Oklahoma Fusion Center at 6600 N Harvey Place, you would see conference tables, big screen T.V.s mounted war room style, and sound proof glass booths where computer traffic is monitored 24/7.    This was a Federal creation, the state had no part in it other than allowing the OSBI to provide space for the operation built and staffed with Federal funds after former Governor Brad Henry implemented the program.  The bottom line is that this is nothing more than a domestic surveillance program being carried out against American citizens.  With the funding running out in June of 2012, the state budget shrinking due to the recession, it was easy for the legislators to say no based on economic reasons rather than liberty reasons.  Besides, no one really wanted the Fusion Center to continue as few law enforcement officers saw the need for it.
But on August 31st 2011 Governor Mary Fallin signs Executive Order 2011-39authorizing the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security to develop a State Information Fusion Center and creating a governance Board to provide strategic direction, ensure objectives are achieved, risks are managed appropriately and resources are used responsibly.  The order also directs the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to manage the Oklahoma Information Fusion Center and to make resources available to all participating local, state, tribal and federal agencies.
Oh, sounds like they are looking out for our state, doesn’t it?  Well, not so much as Borat would say.   Despite using the same spray painted graffiti picture from the Oklahoma City bombing that the Free Minds film “A Noble Lie” used, the Oklahoma Fusion Center has labeled the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigating Committee as a terrorist operation.
Here is a good story on a private shopping mall that is cooperating with the Fusion Centers including a really good video   on why you might be stopped and questioned if you take a picture while on vacation in Las Vegas, the Mall of American, or other tourist attraction.
Last week we mentioned the MIAC report, the leaked document that came from a Missouri Fusion Center that targeted law abiding groups and political activists and portrayed them as dangerous extremists.  Here is an example from 2009-The MIAC (Missouri Information Fusion Center) Report.     
Here is a  link to the actual report   
So many pieces of this machine have been put in place slowly without fanfare like the Real ID system that Oklahoma and 26 other states refused to implement back in 2008 yet the very same biometric photograph system was implemented quietly in our state tag agencies for taking drivers’ license photos.
You might ask why a honest law abiding citizen would be worried about the increasing data being collected on citizens?  After all, if you have done nothing wrong, what is the harm?  Under the old justice system where you were presumed innocent until proven guilty there would be little to worry about but as the Fusion Centers state in their own documents and websites, they are there to prevent crime.  Ever see that Tom Cruise movie called "Minority Report"?
The New York Times ran a story on May 21st noting that “President Obama told human rights advocates at the White House . . . that he was mulling the need for a ‘preventive detention’ system that would establish a legal basis for the United States to incarcerate terrorism suspects who are deemed a threat to national security but cannot be tried.”   Preventive detention?   Uh, no more Constitution and its protections?   Like you can read a person’s mind and determine what they are going to do?
It was once said that anyone that would trade their freedom for safety would wind up with neither.  Governments are creating a police state in order to prevent terror attacks that could be better stopped by using proper intelligence activity against those that fit the profile of those that have attacked us before.  Once the presumption of innocence is gone so is our freedom and ability to live our lives without looking over our shoulder after taking a dang picture.  This is why the Fusion Centers were created  and if you think that only right wing radicals or guys writing Tea Party newsletters were at risk then read this story about a a Virginia Fusion Center noted that dangerous student radicalization could occur at colleges and universities, specifically two “Historically Black Colleges” and “Regent University, a private, evangelical Christian institution.”  Look on page nine of this document
I can just imagine hearing some of the comments while people read this article.   “But wait.” Representative Lee Denney might say, “I’m not one of those Negros or one of those bible thumpers.   What do I have to worry about?   I’m going back to wolfing down little smokies.”    Our paunchy Republican friend might want to know about FAST, Future Attribute Screening Technology.   Using an array of sensors the system measures physiological characteristics such as heart rate, breathing rate, facial expressions, and pupil dilation allows the system to judge whether or not a person might be committing a crime.
Imagine Representative Denney standing in line at the airport, flustered after finding a parking place while running late for checking in for her flight, knowing that some low paid flunky is going to be feeling her up in public even though there haven’t been too many meaty brunette Oklahomans guiding airplanes into buildings.    Do you think that our pudgy Republican might be a bit agitated, or God forbid, even trembling with anticipation over the coming TSA groping?   What if she is nervous about the plane struggling to maintain level flight and dealing with the accusing stares and rude gestures of other passengers?   Is the FAST system going to target her for suspicious activity?   Assuming of course that they do have a wide angle lens on these suckers…
Or consider the new technology based on RFID chips in drivers’ licenses.    One of the four bills that the OCA helped ram through in 2010 was a bill to outlaw the use of RFID in drivers licenses but the bill was vetoed and after a half dozen Republicans switched their votes in the veto override vote the bill was killed.   Is Representative Denney going to be tracked at various supermarkets and supercenters while cornering the market on little smokie sausages when her RFID drivers license is skimmed by the store register or by a highway camera system?  Right now only four states and two Canadian provinces have implemented this technology but the private company that markets the system is pushing hard to sell the idea to other states.
Like it or not Americans are facing a global system of biometric identification that will be so broad as to be ineffective or workable and will violate our constitutional rights and the purpose is to further massive data sharing between states, the federal government, and even foreign governments.  Once they have the facial recognition quality photograph data bases, then it is just a matter of time before the spy cameras will be used to track the movement of citizens as they go about their daily lives.  This will be implemented like InsureNet, with a private company paying for the equipment and operation with a large share of the revenue from tickets or fines sticking to their palms.
“But wait.” Representative Denney says while chewing a mouthful of little smokies, “I’m not doing anything criminal when out shopping for little sausages.  I have nothing to fear.”    Ah, but will she say that when the Sooner Tea Party is leaked pictures of her pushing a shopping cart full of sausages through the Wal-Mart checkout station?  But seriously, imagine the threat to Americans when the day comes that they can no longer freely assemble to discuss politics or religion without risking being questioned for suspicious activity?   Are you willing to give up your First Amendment rights to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances?  Are you willing to give up your right to privacy?
The end games of all of these tactics are quite simple, government by intimidation.  Once activists know that they are being watched, a chill falls over any resistance to the government.  Right now states share their drivers’ license information including the biometric photos with each other and with Federal and foreign governments.  AT & T has already given over massive amounts of telecommunication information under the color of “fighting terrorism”.  This news story quotes the Oklahoma Fusion Center staff as saying their goals are rapidly expanding past terrorism into serious crime.   Take a look at the board members of the Oklahoma Fusion Center, if your life or one of your family member’s life brushes up against one of these agencies they will know everything about you and it is just a matter of time before this impacts your life.
Name                       Agency Represented                                          Board position
Albert Ashwood       Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management       
Col. Monty Brodt     Oklahoma National Guard           
William Citty             Oklahoma City Police Department           
Rocky McElvaney     Oklahoma State Department of Health
James “Jim” E. Finch  Federal Bureau of Investigation               
Charley Hangar          Oklahoma Sheriffs Association  
Stan Florence             Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation              
Richard Mask             Oklahoma Association of Police Chiefs              Vice Chairman
Chuck Jordan              Tulsa Police Department              
Larry Harden              Oklahoma Department of Agriculture    
Kim Carter                 Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security              Chairman
Michael C. Thompson    Oklahoma Department of Public Safety                
So it was with little surprise when a report surfaced last week that an Oklahoma law enforcement officer told members of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association that their group had been listed as a terror organization by the Oklahoma Fusion Center along with another group, the High Noon Club.   The intelligence surfaced after a briefing by the Oklahoma Fusion Center for local law enforcement officers where attendees were told of two “new” organizations that had been placed on the Oklahoma Fusion Center Terror Watch List.  
 I joined the OK2A group right after they were created but didn’t rejoin the following year as I found that their leadership was too legislatively passive, too prone to allowing legislators to say one thing and do another.  I can’t imagine that OK2A could be construed either as “radical” or as being any threat to anyone.
The High Noon Club though, well those guys are the ones that raked Speaker Steele over the coals for his hypocrisy last May.   They aren’t that politically active, their entire effort revolves around weekly meetings at lunch on Friday at the H & H Gun Club but the meeting attracts a lot of legislators and usually has a good crowd.  Still they aren’t really pushing for legislative change or attacking bad politicians so again it is a mystery how they could wind up on a terror list.
Uh, you did know that opposing legislation or pressuring for legislation is one of the criteria for getting you noticed by the Fusion Centers, right?   Sometimes it takes far less, read this report about a street preacher that was placed on an FBI terror watch list for being outspoken on his beliefs.
Give Dear Leader Mary Fallin a call and ask her why she is funding an organization that no one in the state really wants and is targeting citizen groups for getting involved in politics.
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And call your legislators and demand that they defund the Fusion Center on Opening Day of the Legislature.
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