Hello again fellow cat lover,

First, a little "housecleaning."

The article about Iams being criticized for making
misleading claims about their pet foods is actually a lot
older than thought.

Here is a quote from the Petfood Industry magazine
where it appeared:

"In the August 7, 2007 issue of Pet E-News, as well
as at www.petfoodindustry.com, the news item, 'The ASA
upholds two complaints against Iams,' appeared as a July
2007 ruling, but it is actually a case from 2001.
The information was from a usually reliable media feed.
Petfood Industry apologizes for the reporting error."

And I apologize for passing it along. Who knew?

Here is the article in question:



Some very interesting information on Alzheimer's and cats:

-- http://tinyurl.com/2nv9wl

And here comes another webinar (online seminar) about pets,
from Dr. Andrew Jones, the wholistic vet in British Columbia,
whose motto is: It's your pet, heal them at home.

-- http://tinyurl.com/yrcqum

Dr. Jones' upcoming webinar on pet care, The Veterinary Code,
will be focused mainly on Vaccines, but will also include
information on Cancer, Pet Food and Supplements for dogs and
cats. Just click the link to get registered (it's free!) for
the 90-minute event, scheduled for Aug. 23 at 9 p.m. Eastern.


Hollywood pigeons to be put on "the pill."


I bring this up for one reason. It doesn't matter that this
is about pigeons. What matters is that a community has awakened
to the intelligence of controlling a population by limiting
its reproduction. Why can't this be done for stray and feral
cats? Cities that have tried it are seeing benefits and some
progress. It just needs to be more utilized, and maybe
tweaked a bit. Clearly, the past has shown us that simply
killing anything running loose has not solved the problem.


In another amusing (but not really) story, it seems the
residents of a New Jersey town, Cape May, are split along
the cats vs. birds line.

Feral cats are happily tolerated and cared for by locals,
which irritates the bird lovers, who feel the cats are
responsible for hunting the endangered piping plovers
population to a significant decline in numbers. Since there
are only 115 pairs left in the entire state, it seems the
government may do something about it. The cat lovers fear
that could mean a killing spree against the felines, and the
bird lovers fear it could mean wiping out the last of these
rare birds if nothing is done.

This situation may make the news again.... I'll let you know.


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