November 7, 2023
Saskia & Warren Live
*Dear Music Friends*, 

We hope you and your loved ones are fine this blustery autumn. We're always looking for ways to share our music with you. Unfortunately, our tour to Qatar this week for the European Festival is postponed (again, bummer) but fortunately, we play tonight in Amsterdam. This year's remainder brings us gigs in jolly Belgium, the Netherlands, and the US.  Bookings are ramping up for next year as well--and we gladly welcome more! Especially worth mentioning is our first "artist in residency" weekend for
Meanwhile, we continue to compose, produce, record, and shed our instruments, staying in the vine, keeping our hand on the pulse, and fashioning shows for...
Our Bands:
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Throw Backs:
  • Live @ Sneekweek 2023
Now you can find the full playlist with each of the 24 songs we played with the Saskia Laroo Band on Aug 10 on the open air stage at Cafe de Kroon for Sneekweek 2023 (NL) on my Laroo Records youtube channel.
  • Live @ SSqFF 2023
Warren sings "Hartford Is My Home" with Jazzkia Meets HipHop on Aug 19 on the open air stage at Sigourney Sqare Park, Hartford, CT, (US) for their annual Family Festival 
  • Live @ Roermond 2023 
On July 29, 2023 Jazzclub 14 presented Planet T by Coen van Dam feat Saskia Laroo, Warren Byrd, Boris v d  Lek  & Ferd Geisler @ Weerstand Open Air Festival, Roermond (NL)
Photo by Maurice Robertson, Sigourney Square Park, Hartford, CT, US Aug 19, 2023
We sincerely hope to catch you Live
And make the Music that's On Our Minds for You!

Always Your music friends,

Saskia Laroo & Warren Byrd

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