The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers
Hash 1369
Hares Knickerless and Let's Do It

A small but perfectly formed  groups of hashers met by the light of the silvery moon at the Marquis of Granby in Sunniside.
Ok it wasn't that dark but the mists were rising and headtorches were on the 'highly recommended' email sent earlier in the day.

Walkers outweighed runners 2:1 at the start and so it was that the Benton Massive, equipped with only a hare, a bag of flour and
a few torches headed on trail up the nearest hill.

The trail, having been set the day before, was faint in places due to the previous nights rain but still visible. Heading into the
deepening gloom of the forest, the rising mists provided an ethereal backdrop of something out of a  faerie glade. The eerie
quiet was soon broken by the spluttering of a wheezy BM, who continued to use the poor excuse of having run the Great North
Run on Sunday as a reason for struggling up to the viewpoint.
Reaching the hash view, the pack stopped to enjoy the view, the hare waxing lyrical about being able to see Cheviots, cities
and the sea on a good day. Despite the view being completely obscured by impenetrable fog the hash nevertheless stopped to
admire what could have been
before moving none too swiftly across the field and a potential shortcut.

Despite being offered a short cut, the hash bravely chose the original trail,  and headed off across the foggy fields.
Looming up in the mist, a few dozen ghostly cows appeared ahead, fortunately turning out to be real  and moving aside to
let the pack pass by.

Heading over a stile, GH was forced to take a work call, the reception being unfortunately excellent and conducted a rather
surreal  conversation whilst dodging cowpats, thistles and rabbit holes and pretending to give a damm about the unfolding
administrative disaster going on at work. Meanwhile the front running hare and Pop were becoming ever so slightly concerned
at losing the rest of the pack in the mist but eventually all were happily reunited by the Tanfield railway without loss further

And so it was the pack headed down a particularly delightful track as darkness covered the earth, pausing only to admire some
equestrian road crossing equipment
before heading to the car park for a cosy circle  and inside for an even cosier seat round a
very round table ( and we all fit around it).

Fantastic run, thanks to the hares for a very enjoyable / atmospheric run/ walk. Good effort

Special stats and notices

Hash hounds -0
Atmosphere - terrific
Hash view - most impressive of the year
Technology on the hash - 1
Torches - 4
Late arrivals - 1
Frbs  - Plenty for everyone
Front running hare - most of the time

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The Northumberland Hussars. Heaton

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