Friday, August 10, 2007

Huntsville Town Hotline

In this Hotline:

 Property Tax Assessments and Online Petitions

By now you have all been shocked with your property tax assessment.  We are taking a few steps to assist ALL residents in receiving the help necessary to challenge, and hopefully receive a reduction

First of all, our website, has a page dedicated to Property Taxes.  Articles and suggestions are now listed with much more to be posted over the next few days.

Also, TWO ONLINE PETITIONS are available at to be signed.  One is Huntsville specific and the other is for the entire Valley.  We ask that Huntsville residents that agree with the petition sign both.  Be sure to inform neighbors and friends about the petitions and the information on the web site.  Also, be sure to have your spouses sign as well.  Numbers speak!

We have also posted some information on the Ogden Valley Forum, and the forum has been kind enough to post the petitions as well.  In addition to the petitions, the Forum has an informative, valley wide email list with sign up available on their web site.

Special thanks to Huntsville Residents D-Bell and K-Bell who have spent days compiling information to assist all residents.  They are going to the tedious extent of compiling a spreadsheet of Huntsville Properties and their percentage of increase.  Be sure to check back to review the updated postings. 

Meeting with the Weber County Assessor

Cheryl Madsen, the Weber County assessor will be meeting with residents next Wednesday at 6 PM at the Ogden Valley Branch of the Library.

Be sure to mark your calendars for this important date.

That’s all for now, have a great week.


Richard L. Sorensen

Huntsville Town Council Smile