Dear friends and neighbors:
Every once in a while, there is that something that you know everyone would want to support if they could.  This is one of those times.
A few times a year, we take the time to think more about, salute and support those people who have made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us.  The men and women who have joined our armed forces with the intent of fighting for us, for our freedom, facing the real possibility of being in harms way and risking their lives to do so.  And during their service, many have and they either came back... or they didn't.  This saturday night, May 18th, our community is going to come together again to make a difference in the lives of some of these people who fought for us and came back.  Only they need our support to actually have a home.  
Please join me Saturday night for the In the Trenches: A Hale and Hardy Cocktail Party and Fundraiser to help raise the final $100,000 needed to complete six homes for homeless veterans in Hoboken and to rebuild our American Legion Post 107.  
You can buy tickets (click here) and come see the project that is almost complete, or if you can't make it, you can make a donation of any amount, no amount is too small.  As a matter of fact, if everyone in Hoboken donated just $2, we would raise more than needed.  As my great aunt Julie used to say "It's the pennies that make the dollars."    
Thank you for considering being a part of this last push to support our homeless veterans.  This has already been a community effort with support from the City of Hoboken, Hudson County, surrounding towns and many local businesses and individuals.  This is one of those instances that it really did take a village...  
Please forward this to everyone you know and tell them how great this event will be, how important this project is, and how amazing it will be to be a part of it.  And if you are a veteran or know someone who is and would like to attend on Saturday, but may not have the means, please emai Commander John Carey at  Also, feel free to reach out via email, text or phone (201-208-1674) about this or anything else important to you.      
Thank you and hope to see you there!,