April 2016
It's National Pet Month and there's no better time to remind ourselves about the important part that animals play in our lives, or to refresh ourselves on good pet owner practices. With that in mind, we'll be sharing NPM's ten tips for responsible pet ownership, explaining why microchipping your hound is a good idea, and getting excited about the arrival of our new book about the relationship between man and dog. Not only that, but we want to hear from YOU! Read on to find out more ...
It's National Pet Month!
Celebrating pets this April!
National Pet Month is a chance for animal lovers in the UK to join together in celebration of pets everywhere. Not only that, but it's a fantastic opportunity to remind ourselves of how important it is to look after our pets responsibly (which is also this year's theme) and to support the many pet charities across the UK that work tirelessly for injured, ill and homeless pets. 
There are lots of very simple ways to get involved this year. Check the NPM website to find out about events near you, or register to run a fundraising event of your own! Why not check out the National Pet Month Facebook page to keep up to date, and for dog and cat lovers there's also the Park Bench and Scratching Post Facebook pages, so be sure to check them out and get involved!
Promoting responsible pet ownership
This year's theme is responsible pet ownership, something very dear to our hearts here at H&H HQ. We know you want to do the best by your pets, so head over to the H&H blog to find NPM's top ten tips for responsible pet ownership, and make sure you fit the bill!
New this month ...
When man meets dog – What a difference a dog makes!
HH4879 • Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm £8.99 • 160 pages 
ISBN: 978-1-845848-79-8 • UPC: 6-36847-04879-2
Have you ever wondered why dogs are considered ‘man’s best friend?’ In this book, Psychologist Dr Christopher Blazina explains the importance of the unique bond between men and dogs. There are widely-held beliefs that males naturally transition into a state of self-imposed seclusion and emotional detachment in adulthood. Even relying on another person violates the rules of being a man. When Man Meets Dog explores how the bond with animal companions bypasses many of these barriers, helping males develop into happier, healthier men. What a difference a dog can make! 
It’s also important to discuss the other side of attachment: loss. Again, the mixed messages men receive lead to difficulties with managing grief. When Man Meets Dog is the first book to discuss men’s continuing bonds with a lost animal companion. A continuing bond is a new way of reconnecting and preserving the memory of this unique connection.
When Man Meets Dog is a memoir with a purpose. Chris shares his very personal story of how two shelter dogs not only changed the direction of his life, but also how he defines what it means to be a man.

When Man Meets Dog will be available from the H&H website later this month. For more details, or to be notified when this book is in stock, click here.
Have you microchipped your pets?
The UK microchipping law is about to change – are you ready for it?
From 6th April 2016, it will be a legal requirement for all dogs in England, Scotland and Wales to be microchipped and have their details registered on an authorised database, such as Petlog.
The benefits of microchipping
If your dog is lost or stolen, there's a much greater chance that you will be reunited if he carries a microchip – unlike a tag on a collar, a microchip can't fall off or be removed. Once implanted, register your pet online with your name, address, and your pet's details, on an approved database such as Petlog. Petlog offers a reporting service, so if your pet has become lost, you can register him or her as missing immediately.
An alert will then be sent out to animal professionals (such as veterinary practices and animal shelters) within a 30 mile radius of where your pet went missing. Very reassuring!

When to microchip
If you're getting a dog from a rehoming centre, he or she is likely to be microchipped already. Dogs Trust, which has campaigned for this law to come into effect, does this procedure for free for all of its dogs. 
Alternatively, if you're getting a puppy, speak to your vet, who will often be happy to microchip your dog for free at the same time as neutering or innoculation. Alternatively, check out Chip My Dog to discover where free microchipping events are happening near you!

Other animals
This law is currently only compulsory for dogs, but it's highly recommended that you microchip your cats, horses, rabbits – any animal, in fact, who is large enough to carry one – to ensure they are kept safe. Ask your vet for more information.
Remember ...
... a microchip is only effective if you keep your details up to date. Ensure that you complete your registration fully and accurately. If you move house, change your name, or if your pet's appearance changes, be sure to update your online profile.
For more information on microchipping, and a comprehensive list of FAQs, visit the Dogs Trust website.
Charlie & Worzel in the news!
Did you catch Charlie and Worzel in the paper recently? Both Charlie – The dog who came in from the wild and The quite very actual adventures of Worzel Wooface made an appearance in The Daily Express at the end of last month! What's more, you can buy both books through the Daily Express' online bookshop! Very quite actual fabumazing!

Spring arrivals?
We want to hear from YOU!
Do you have a furry, feathery or scaly addition joining your family this month? If so, we want to meet them! Send in pictures of your new arrivals, with their name and a little bit about them, and we'll feature them in our dedicated Spring Arrivals Facebook gallery! Young or old, big or small, all new family members are welcome!
To see your new buddy featured, simply like the Hubble & Hattie Facebook page, and post your photo directly on to our wall. Alternatively, you can tweet your image @HubbleandHattie, or email info@hubbleandhattie.com
This month's competition winner ...

If you'd like to be in with a chance of winning, simply fill in the competition form which you'll receive with every Hubble & Hattie book when you order direct from us! Send it back to us and you'll be entered in our monthly draw, and could soon have a £25 Veloce gift voucher winging its way to you! Good luck!
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