Issue #5                                                               October 2015
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Hello & welcome!
So...I've had a nice long respite from traveling. Our last show was over 4 months ago at the Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis, MN & while I’ve gotten a whole LOT done & I’ve enjoyed my time off the road, its time to get dead-serious about our next show, the Fall Quilt Market, which by the way starts in TWO DAYS! YIKES!
AND- we're unveiling a totally NEW look for this Market! If you'll be there, please come see us in Booth #823... but  if you won't be attending this year, please         CLICK HERE for a little preview!

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So... Here's some links I thought were
worth clicking on this month!
From our Archives
  • Can I make a Copy of my Pattern? --- Here's a piece we wrote in December of 2012 about the sensitive subject of "Copyright" Click HERE to enjoy!
From the World of Sewing
From the Trade Show Floor
  • The International Fall Quilt Market --- starts on Oct. 23rd (YIKES, that's the day after tomorrow), and just in case you're never attended one of these events, here's 6 GREAT reasons why you should consider doing so!
From the IT Department
  • Is there an "APP" for THAT? --- Ever wish you could have the use of a teleprompter? (like when you're video-taping on your own?) Well guess what? Yep--- now there's an app for that too! Just click here to find out more!
From the World of Business
  • Illegal Interviewing... Are you Guilty? --- Interviewing for a job doesn’t mean you have to give up all of your personal information and backstory, so whether you're the interviewer or the interviewee... here's the most common illegal interview questions you should be aware of.
  • Tell me Something GOOD ---- There's so much "bad" stuff going on in the world today, that it's easy to understand why so many people are depressed and upset. But did you know that research indicates that systematically thinking about positive things that are happening in our lives can improve our mental and physical health? Click HERE to read this interesting article!
From the World of Social Media
  • Did you Leave a Hashtag? ---Did you know that if you're posting stuff to Twitter or Instagram and aren't using "hashtags" that you're basically wasting your time? Hashtags are a great way to find community and get your stuff in front of interested people. Don't know which hashtags to use? Check out this interesting article and a list of 226 hashtags that are useful for anyone involved in self-publishing.
From Where I Sit
  • Can an Introvert Succeed in the Art World? --- My mom used to tell me that even our dream jobs will have parts we don’t like but which we MUST accept so we can do the parts we love, and as a confirmed introvert I can attest that there is a good deal of schmoozing involved in succeeding in any artistic venture, so what's the answer for us? Click here to find out!
Stuff We've Written
StudioKat Designs Product Spotlight
Here's the brand new hardware we've added to our line especially for (but not limited to) our new pattern for Fall, the Triple Play. These O-rings are chunky and feel good in your hands. They're 1.5" wide and come in both gold and silver.
You can see them and all of the other items in our Hardware line by clicking HERE!
So, until next time -- It's a GREAT day to be sewing!  Laughing
I hope you found some of these links useful and if you'd like to give us feedback about what you liked or didn't like about this newsletter, we're all ears!
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