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Stupid and a Waste of Time

Good lord! What happens to people once they get elected? Senator Nathan Dahm is a solid conservative yet even he has succumbed to filing a really useless bill that would remove the watermelon from the official state vegetable position. Of course the real idiot was Senator Barrington who sponsored the legislation back in 2006 that declared watermelon a vegetable and the official state vegetable no less. Never mind that a watermelon develops from a flower and is therefore a fruit and the entire world was laughing at Oklahoma for passing the law in 2007.


Picking What’s Right To Some
Doesn’t Always Mean The Other Option Is Wrong For Others
By Ms PM
Well, evidentially not and we have another legislature that has decided they can walk on water and rule from the great podium in the sky. There has and always will be self will run amuck with well-intentioned ideology regardless of the side you take or if a side is taken at all. Many refuse to debate their feelings and thoughts in fear of the label that will be placed upon them. Many times controversial issues are thought to be better off left unaddressed in order not to offend anyone. Uncovering why lawmakers bring up certain bills can often leave folks sorting out which deception tactic they’re using and why. The age old battle of what is moral continues to be fought and this bill is the perfect example.

This article is about Sally Kern’s bill. HB 1597 which would allow businesses to refuse service to any lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person, group or association and be immune from civil liability.

Why not add bigots, buttheads, and blacks or police, politicians and potheads. I’m sure there are a few other groups out there that somebody somewhere doesn’t like and wish they fade into non-existence. If we get enough morality laws passed will anyone be able to leave their box. Yeah…utopia!! Our point in this story isn’t to pick a side but merely to probe the why of it all leaving the personal decision to each individual.
Why not change an existing law on the books to one that would allow landlords the option of not renting to people who have children? Why shouldn’t a landlord be afforded that option of discrimination if they have had tenants that let their children tear up their property? Landlords have the option of not renting to people with pets. There are bad parents of both the two and four legged variety. There are pet deposits why not pass a law for a bad parent deposit?

HB 1597 subsection A states: “No business entity shall be required to provide any services, accommodations, advantages, facilities, goods or privileges related to any lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person, group or association.”

Why does Sally think it is proper to waste time on this bill? Doesn’t she know that if this bill is passed it will go to the Supreme Court and found unconstitutional? Doesn’t she know that a wad of taxpayer money will be wasted? Isn’t it a proven fact that government cannot regulate morality? The only thing this accomplishes is running the clock out on important issues that do not get addressed because of bills like this. Will we have to pay for another special session to pass an important law because it took the back seat?

Religion teaches that God gives people free will? Why do same sex couples want the law to force every pastor to marry them? Right or wrong pastors believe their faith says it is wrong. Right or wrong the gay community believes they have a right to be married. Is there any difference in the passion between the pastor’s belief and the belief of a gay couple other than they are in complete opposition? Why do both sides want to bite off a big piece of government intrusion? Hasn’t history proven that this will lead to government coming back and taking a big chunk out of your backside down the road? Unintended consequences do have a way of playing out. Regardless of being for or against, is the issue not valid in the eye of the beholder? Would a better solution be to pick someone that has no preference toward same sex marriage and have them perform the marriage ceremony?

Does each side always have to say I win, you lose? Do both sides have to cram a belief down someone’s throat? Haven’t we all fallen victim to this governmental throat cramming when healthcare was served up upon us? Is it too hard to agree to disagree and walk away living your life as you see fit?

Why would anyone on either side want to live in an area where most people oppose a lifestyle and insist on trying to change what people believe? Isn’t change an inside job? Doesn’t human nature fight change? Doesn’t change happen when people question their own belief system?

Hasn’t it been said that people move from an expensive area to an area where the cost of living is less only to bring their grandiose ideas of change with them and turn the new area into the cesspool they left? Doesn’t government pave the way? How many in the new area laugh all the way to the bank because they were able to sell a property at an inflated price to these people and both are thinking what a great deal they just got. Never mind the sellers have jacked up the price for housing in an area, they got theirs and happily move on all the while pointing their finger at the new folks in town as the problem when they now can’t afford the inflated market. If you look at California or New York the picture is clear.

There will always be people that say they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. There will always be religious people that believe this is wrong. Can anyone believe that the ultimate decision for right and wrong will come from a Higher Power? If so leaving it to the real Guy can only mean it will get sorted out without conflict or government intrusion. If this is done one thing can happen; both sides will have more time to work on their own long list of character defects.
John, How Many Fingers am I Holding Up?
Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel is causing tongues to wag with rumors of signs of Alzheimer’s disease being circulated as the reason behind his recent appearance and behavior. Whetsel has many saying that he stayed a bit too long and that his episodes of forgetfulness have led to his wife taking over many of his daily duties. Another report claims that Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes has been asked to step in soon till an appointment can be made. Clabes has long been a supporter of Whetsel and is the likely candidate for succession as the powers that be cannot afford to have an outsider rocking the boat at County level.  Way too many bones are buried and until the statuteof limitations tolls they need someone they control as sheiff.
Others are claiming that Whetsel is setting up a defense for the time he has to leave office. Some point out to a conferene call last week when Whetsel seemed perfectly nomal to some that reported that he was having lapses of memoy loss. Those folks ae saying that Whetsel is like a workers comp faudster that eventually slips up and gets caught playing sports. Can't keep up the front 24/7 if you are faking it. Whateve is going on with Whetsel he has tounges a wagging.

Now these rumors got us to thinking. Exactly how do you measure the intellectual potential for a politician? The old square block in a round hole test? Do we provide a hammer for John or do we make it an honest test? Are there testing protocols? How do you measure intellectual damage to people who are marginal at best?
Pooflinger Arrested!
Redneck Date Gone Wrong?
Ehh…we really aren’t upset with Preston Doerflinger’s job performance as much as we are disgusted with his personal life bleeding into his job. Yeah he is one of Governor Fallin’s “pretty boys” reminding us of Queen David Boren’s hiring policies over the years. But hey, with a name like Doerflinger he is probably used to people making fun of his name and had a lot of fights in school.
But Mary Fallin’s right hand boy got himself arrested on Thursday night after a motorist called police claiming that a driver was holding a woman against her will in his car. At 1:30 am a ”distraught” woman was seen trying to escape from Doerflinger’s vehicle at a stop light on NW Expressway, reportedly the woman was crying and trying to escape the black Range Rover. Hmmmm, I thought guys like that always drove vans.

Police eventually found the vehicle with Doeflinger and the woman. The woman claimed that she was just upset after an argument at a 7-11 and that she wanted to go inside.

One thing led to another and our Oklahoma wonder boy found himself booked into Oklahoma County jail on a charge of Actual Physical Control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Boozy breath gave away our wonder boy along with red, watery eyes, and an unsteady gait. The police report that was released was heavily redacted with much of Preston’s statement redacted. The things folks will say when they are drunk….

And you know inquiring minds want to know so this is our version of what could have went down:

Preston Pooflinger Personal Diary, January 22nd

5:00 pm-- Trouble getting away from work today, the old ball and chain wanted to cry on my shoulder over her marital problems. Happy hour at Sherlocks bar starts at 7 pm so I made some lame excuses to get away.

6:30 pm—no time for a shower, splash on some Axe body spray, grab a potato and a couple of cold ones out of the fridge, drive by Whataburger on the way to the bar. Can’t get there too late or all the good ones will be gone.

7:15--- Made it! Checking out the honeys while sipping my first drink. Not a promising night. Six women, most over fifty, most over 160. #1 has more teeth than the rest, #2 is sporting quite a shiner on her left eye (Leaning toward her right now), #3 looks mighty hot in the tiger stripe spandex, #4 has a wandering left eye that is kind of creepy, #4 has fewer lip blisters, #5 probably has the best behaved kids of the lot, and #6 well….not sure that isn’t Senator Ron Sharp in drag.

7:45—on the third drink now, gathering up my courage you know. #2 is really intriguing, wonder what the story is behind that black eye? Probably minds well after that little reminder. #1's kids are well behaved, sitting there quietly playing with the cigarette butts and condom wrappers on the floor. Some truck driver from Texas waltzed #3 out the door a few minutes ago…should have moved faster I guess.

8:30--- Dang, I hate it when I freeze up like this. Six drinks and I still can’t move off this barstool. Dude wearing a dirty Waste Connections tee shirt took #5 and her kids out of here. She had a cute mullet haircut and less facial hair too.
9:00—That was a long walk back to my barstool. I need a drink. I thought that #4 was interested but it was just that wandering eye. How humiliating to get turned down like that. Senator Harry Coates turned up and hustled #6 out the door. Well, they both bumped into a few things along the way. Ron Sharp’s wig fell off but Harry was too drunk to notice.
9:30 pm—Okay, another drink, trying the watermelon cooler and vodka this time. Feeling better about myself after chatting up #4. Hard to see in this dim light but she did turn out to have fewer fever blisters than the others, counted only three. Good mom too, refuses to bring her kids inside. I was bit suspicious when she kept going outside every fifteen minutes but she just checking on the kids in the car. Smart too, said she keeps the baby’s bottle warm by poking it up the exhaust pipe.
10:15—Dang! Don’t those women know who I am? Went to the boys room and checked my appearance. Chest hair showing, no booggers in it, Range Rover key fob displayed hanging out of my front pocket, pocket protector neatly arranged, good selection of writing instruments… Looking good except “the bulge”. Dang potato had slipped around to the back of my dockers…wasn’t the look I was going for. Working on my eighth  drink, Pepsi and peach schnapps, snazzy little umbrella and a fruit twist too.
10:45—Success! #2 is in the ladies room fixing up before we leave. That shiner sure is the sexiest thing I’ve seen a woman wearing in a long time. Kind of quiet though, got that skinny, meth look about her, didn’t say a lot, kind of let me do all the talking. Good listener though, kept dropping hints about a friend visiting, says they visit once a month, kind of moody and irritable too.
11:15—Man, women are the worst. I asked two women to go inside the ladies room and check on my girl. Both came out giggling and wouldn’t say a word. Finally just walked inside and saw the busted out window. Got me worried now that something nefarious might have happened to my girl. I’ve already called momma and told her I think  I found someone and she is excited too.
11:45—Found my girl in the parking lot trying to get her car started. She said she was going to warm the car up before coming inside to get me but the car doesn’t like to start when it is cold. I told her that we could take my car but had to insist. Strong for her size, put up quite a fight, probably just grateful for the attention and doesn’t want to get her hopes up too much. Left her kids there, isn’t supposed to get down past 38 tonight so they will be fine.
12:30 am- Hmm, not sure about this one. We have been driving around for about an hour while I tell her all about myself. She was quiet at first, didn’t have a lot to say, but around fifteen minutes ago she asked if I had some paper and a pen, said she wanted to take notes. I think she was especially interested in my state government economic modeling theories and about the budget numbers we are facing this year. She kept bumping the door by accident I think so I set the child locks on the passenger side.
1:05 am—Bi***! She wasn’t taking notes, she was making notes and dropping them outside the car! I am heartbroken. I was sure she was the one I would spend my life with. Made a hell of a scene on NW Expressway but I popped her a good one and that settled her right down. That will learn her.
1:15 am—Ah, figured it out why she was so angry. I had promised her dinner and forgot. Pulled into the 7-11  to buy her a corn dog and pickup another six pack but she was insisting on coming in too.  Those stun guns are handy things.  Wanted to pick out her own corn dog my foot....she was planning on bolting out the side door.Like I hadn’t had that one pulled on me before.
1:25—Damn, cops showed up asking questions. Ungrateful woman told them she just wanted to go inside but the cops arrested me for drinking. I think there was something wrong with the cop, looked all blurry and when I walked he kept leaning back and forth. I’ll be sure and tell Mary about this so it can be fixed. Tried calling my new girlfriend from jail so she would bail me out but it kept connecting me to the Capital switch board. Her number is a 557 number ,same prefix as the Capitol so she must have made a mistake writing down the number.


Liberal Senator Aims to Destroy the State Lottery System.
By the Watchman
Some people just can’t stand to see the little guy get a break in life. Here for the first time in we don’t know how long the citizens of Oklahoma get a tax cut and a long comes this liberal senator who feels she’s the great crusader for Human Rights and she wants to take those few cents you’re going to get on your pay check back. Let us introduce you to Liberal Senator A.J. Griffin, District 20 and this report . It would appear that she doesn’t believe you have the right to spend your money as you see fit.
We began our research by going to Senator Griffin’s web page at What we found was a brag sheet that would make your head spin. There are just a few problems with it though, she claims to have passed legislation combining and streamlining agency boards and improving government operations. All the people have seen are more boards, more high priced state employees and county governments asking for higher taxes. Sounds like a tax and spend liberal to us.
We next searched for and found the pre-filed bill to eliminate the Lottery on line. You can read the entire text of the bill here Bill Text: OK SB332 | 2015 | Regular Session | Introduced | LegiScan. Now this bill is filled as an emergency bill. Senator you need to explain yourself. There is no emergency here. In fact the only reason we see you making this attempt is to get your name in the news.
It would appear that the Senator has no problem making herself and the state of Oklahoma a national laughing stock. We found this report here Oklahoma senator hoping to do away with Oklahoma Lottery - that she admits “However she hasn’t quite figured out how to replace the $60 million that is currently going to education.” Now we find it hard to believe. A highly educated woman such as Senator Griffin has a plan; we just haven’t found it yet.
The next article of interest we found was this A J Griffin - Oklahoma Legislature - Open States. Now this shows a few of the bills the Senator has filled for the upcoming session. Noticeably absent is the bill to repeal the Lottery Law. Could it be possible that a tax hike bill is also missing? Only time will tell.
The next item of interest we found actually refers to a matter passed during last year’s legislative session. You can read it here Sen. AJ Griffin | J.C. Moore Online. This was on SB 1456 or as we got to know it as The Sun Tax. This is another boondoggle that was laid upon the citizens of Oklahoma where it now cost us to go green to the benefit of the power companies, one of which is headquartered in Ohio. Show us again how that benefits the citizens Senator. It doesn’t.
We next went to this site to see what we could find Project Vote Smart - The Voter's Self Defense System. We started with her biography page and found it to be an almost identical reproduction of her Senate web site page. We next looked at the Positions page. Here the Senator refused to provide an answer to any question on where she stood on any positions important to voters.
The next portion we visited was the ratings and endorsement page. It’s important to understand here that the higher the rating, the more business friendly she is, which translates to more money out of your pocket. Here are a few examples of what we found.
2012 Research Institute for Economic Development 100%
2013 Oklahoma Farm Bureau Federation 100%
2014 Oklahoma Conservative PAC 60%
Economy and Fiscal
2013 Research Institute for Economic Development 100%
2013 Sooner Tea Party 20%
Minors and Children
2012 Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy 100%
Socially Conservative
2013 Sooner Tea Party 20%
Now it doesn’t take much to show that if you’re a businessman you want to do business with this Senator, but if you’re a Conservative you better hang on to your wallet.
We next went to to check on her campaign finances. We were shocked to find that they had nothing on her current campaign at all. We knew we had to go to another source.
Now to give you another idea as to how well the good Senator looks after your welfare and your freedoms we found this The Otter Limits: Nullification Stalled in the OK State Senate. Now granted this is not entirely in her fault. Blame can also be laid at the feet of the president pro-tem of the Senate for placing such a new Senator in such a position of responsibility. Thanks to her and the President pro-tem the bill to Nullify Obama care in Oklahoma didn’t pass. She felt her committee was unable to write a Senate bill to match the House bill, so she sent it to another committee.
We next went to and looked at her campaign finances. Here we found a possible violation of campaign finance law. We were unable to find a finance report that covered the time frame of Aug. 12, 2014 thru Dec. 31, 2014. That will not allow us to make a complete assessment of the financial records of her 2014 campaign. We can tell you that she started her campaign with a war chest of $14,824.99. Out of state investors to her campaign and their amounts are as follows.
Dan Friedkin Houston, Tx. 77210 $500.00
Group MVT Springfield, Mo. 65894 $500.00
Below are the Corporations, Political Action Committees and Unions that have contributed to her campaign.
Global Health PAC Oklahoma City, Ok $1,000.00
Medco Health Solutions San Rafael, Ca $1,000.00
BOK Financial Oklahoma City, Ok $1,000.00
Devon Energy Oklahoma City, Ok $2,000.00
OKC Firefighters Assoc. Oklahoma City, Ok $2,500.00
We could go on and on here, but it just gets repetitive. This small sampling of donors shows two (2) Medical Groups who have an interest in seeing the state pass a Medicade expansion bill that has been proposed this year, two (2) major backers of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and one (1) union. She’s not working for we the people, she’s working for the corporations.
There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from the information that we have been able to gather. Senator Griffith sold her seat to the corporate and union interests and is now doing their bidding. She produced a bill that would cut $60 million dollars from public education funding, and hasn’t given a thought as to how to replace it except with higher taxes on home owners. The grass roots movement in Logan County tried to warn you all just as we did last year about this Senator and you wouldn’t listen. Now you have two options. One is put up with her for four more years or two attempt something that has never been done in this state before and recall a sitting Senator. We would recommend a recall attempt.
2013 Senate members and House Members
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