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* A lot of new products for your store

* Prepping for NAFD

* Help us launch a new line of alpaca blankets

* What's selling Right Now

* Order alpaca sport vests NOW for the fall
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A lot of new products for your store
We are constantly on the look for new, fresh items for your store. We find or design items regularly which must always answer one key question,
"Will this work well in an alpaca farm store?"
Our Latest Items link shows new and updated items.
If you haven't checked in a while, here are a few examples:


Note, some of these new items WILL SELL OUT.
But we'll get more. Out the Out of Stock pop-up to get notified automatically when the item gets back in stock.

Prepping for NAFD
National Alpaca Farm Days will be here before you know it!
Be ready to show off your alpaca farm lifestyle and offer your visitors souvenirs and prime examples of products industry backing up the alpacas.
We offer a wide selection of options for your farm event.

Adding to our best selling collection of premium USA made socks:

Superwarm -  our 1st product, still a top seller

OutdoorAdventure - now THE most popular product

SlipperBootie - useful, functional ankle sock
We're well Stocked!
Perhaps the 1st time ever!
Now have 2 mills running year round!
Now a new wonderful addition to the line:
The AmericanTraveler
Brian's new favorite socks...
"breath" very very well in hot weather (think hot work boots), are warm in cold weather(cold feet anywhere) and feel GREAT (boots, shoes, slippers, bare floors)!
A perfect example of the wonders of alpaca fiber
in a uniquely designed quality alpaca sock! 

Washer/dryer friendly

Customers who tried them are buying again and again!
We predict this to be THE top seller in 2018!

Help us launch a new line of alpaca blankets!

Many years ago we helped get the Alpaca Blanket Project off the ground.  The ABP throws and scarves always sold well. Last year we bought out the entire line when the entity closed.  We're about to run out.

For about 3 years we've been looking to start a new line. 
This is now happening!

Still in the development stages, we expect the 1st batch of
quality USA made "Alpaca Checkered" Throws to be available in a few months. The USA mill we will use has been in operation for over 100 years.
But the project is a big investment.  We have to "bite off" a $lot to make this happen, with a significant up from cost on the first batch of throws.  We're looking for investing partners who appreciate a great deal.
Want to get involved?!

We're offering an AT COST entry into this project with your commitment of $1000 or more ($500, a 50% downpayment).
With your downpayment, you will get the 1st batch of the new Alpaca Checkered throws at below wholesale cost.  At the price we pay, to help get this new American Alpaca project started. The final cost price point is not yet determined but it will a significantly lower than any comparable wholesale prices.

This offer is good until NAFD weekend. 
Be a part of the growth of American Alpaca!
Let us know your questions. 
What's selling Right Now
Many ask us, "what are your best selling items?"
Interesting question! 
It changes throughout the seasons,
but here are the top 15 selling products this summer:
Compare that to last quarter of 2017:
Order alpaca sport vests NOW for the fall
I really love the design! Beautiful construction, well done seams especially. I appreciate the length past the waist, and the “turtleneck” cut. Love the alpaca zipper pull and the quality zipper. Love the zipper colors, giving a pop of color to the jacket! - Anne G.
I got the vest, it is awesome!!!! I just think that was a stroke of genius.
- Meyla J.
I like the new Vests…they are so trendy.  I call them “Puffies”   - Bonnie B. 
Order the new stock of the American Grown and
made "VPac" ALPACA filled thermal quilted vest!

The window for the next production round
of VPac vests ends in a few days.
Order custom size/color combos for fall arrival.
See exact schedule HERE
Runs typically take 6 weeks.
Choice Alpaca Products is delighted to partner with Paca Performance Gear as the distributor of this attractive new alpaca product made
from YOUR contributed fiber through the FiberCall!
"VPac" is a play on vicugna pacos, the scientific name for alpaca :)
Key features of the VPac Vest:
10% warmer and 30% lighter than wool or synthetics
Sustainable eco-friendly 100% alpaca insulation
Designed, grown and manufactured in the USA!
Support American Alpaca - Offer the VPac in your store!
alpaca vest thermal testing of vpac vest
Grown and Made in the USA!
The Vpac is the newest entry in the 
American Choice Alpaca line.
We're Married!

Thanks for all the well wishers for our wedding on June 30th
Brian and Paula were surrounded by 150-some friends and family for a wonderful ceremony at our home which had us spinning with joy!
The benefits of going LARGE!
Being able to make a large order on payments is a tremendous help for us in keeping an inventory. - Tracey R.
Are You On the MAP!?

The Preferred Retailers MAP encourages
folk to visit your farm and buy your products.

"Google" your farm name and your Preferred Retailer listing might be the top response! Many have reported visits coming from the MAP.
We'll again this year be promoting The MAP to over 25,000 folk who are interested in alpacas.  Your farm should be there. 
Becoming a Preferred Retailer is easy.
Place one order of $750 or more and you
will automatically be added at the next
update cycle.
Then, as it has for many, watch your web hits,
farm visits and sales increase!
Are you looking to ramp things up this year?
We're looking to grow with you!
We make it easy to expand your store! 
"Finance" your big order with us for just $30!
  1. $750+ orders qualify you and ship FREE! 
  2. "Financing" is simply 6 automatic credit card installments
  3. We promote you on the Retailers MAP as a Preferred Retailer.
  4. Your never "stuck" with product! Return anything up until NEXT april.
  5. Don't be left without! Many tell us their only mistake is they didn't order enough when they could!

                    ** Thank you for your continued support! **
    ** Best wishes for a happy and successful fall sales season! **

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