Thought you might find this of interest... I had the honor of being interviewed a couple of months ago and finally figured out how to put the interviews on the internet... The original file size was over 250 MB... Not really easy to download even with cable... Well I got the file size down to 33.5 MB, which at least makes sense if you have DSL or Cable... So if you have the time and the interest... Check them out... Even a little harmonica playing, just to keep it interesting.

Peace... Kusala


Available at: http://www.DharmaTalks.info

A video interview with Rev. Kusala Bhikshu - on his work and practice. Filmed at the International Buddhist Meditation Center by a local cable TV channel for Magic Bell Productions. "The Buddhist Way of Life" is a weekly program about Buddhism in the West. Rev. Kusala talks about how he came to Buddhism and his work as a Buddhist volunteer. (Plays with Quicktime 7)

Part 1 - Rev. Kusala Interview - MPEG4 - 33.5 MB - 14min

Part 2 - Rev. Kusala Interview - MPEG4 - 33.5 MB - 14min

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