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Tip of the Month 

Clutter can stress out your pets, too. 

As part of their survival instinct, animals maintain a keen awareness of their surroundings.  They take inventory of their environment and quickly notice any new smells, sounds or sights.

Having to investigate potential dangers in a cluttered home all day may stress out some pets.

In the wild, animals keep their nests and living spaces very clean. 

Birds even remove the egg shells from the nest after the babies have hatched.  They seem to naturally know that clutter is unhealthy and energy-sapping.

Clutter in a home, garage or storage area holds large amounts of dust mites, dust and pet dander which can make some animals feel sick, allergic or lethargic.

Clearing your clutter is healthy for you AND your pets, who will appreciate a clean living area as much as you do.


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    "Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”  --Albert Einstein

Got clutter?  Almost everyone does... But why? 

Do any of these excuses sound familiar?

  • You're afraid to throw out something because you may need it later
  • Clutter is comforting and you like your stuff being in full view
  • You'll clean up your clutter when YOU are ready to, and not before then
  • You're afraid of the bad memories that may accompany clutter clearing.
  • De-cluttering takes too much time

clutter is toxic to our energy and has proven negative effects on our physical and emotional well being.  

Personal organization experts agree that people who live in a clutter-free environment will experience:

  • More joy, relaxation and harmony
  • More efficiency, energy and productivity
  • Deeper feelings of being in control
  • Enhanced focus on their goals and tasks

If a clutter-free environment is this healthy, why don't we clear our clutter? 

Unrecognized fears may block us from demolishing those cluttered corners and surface areas, recycling old newspapers or magazines or cleaning our closets, garages and cupboards.

EFT is an excellent tool to clear the fears to clutter-busting!  Have used it on myself many times and moments later was clearing the cluttered areas of my house like a professional organizer.  Are you ready to get started?

These sample core issue fears may trigger thoughts or memories to help you identify your clutter-busting blocks.  Write down your blocks as they come to mind.

(1) Identifying Fear Blocks to Clearing Clutter

 Fear of Failure

  • I'm afraid I will never get all the clutter resolved so why even start?
  • I’ve tried everything to keep my clutter under control and I’m afraid of failing again.

Fear of Success

  • What if I clear all my clutter, then can't find anything and hate a clutter-free lifestyle?
  • What if clutter-clearing takes up more time than it’s worth?

Fear of Not Being Safe

  • I might find some old things that bring back sad memories while clutter-clearing.
  • What if I lose my identity or feel uncomfortable in a neat, clutter-free place?

Fears of Rejection/Abandonment

  • I’m afraid my family or friends will reject me if my place is neater than theirs.
  • If I have a clutter-free place, my family and friends won’t feel comfortable in my home and they won't visit me.

(2) Use (or Customize for Your Situation) These Setup Statements to Blast the Fears of Clearing Clutter

Even though I feel overwhelmed and anxious at the thought of even beginning to clear this clutter, I choose to know that even a little clutter clearing will bring joy, energy, order and a sense of satisfaction into my life!

Even though I feel guilty and ashamed of all this clutter I’ve accumulated, I choose to forgive myself and clear a bit of clutter each day for 10 minutes or during television commercials.

Even though I want to do everything perfectly or not at all, and I don’t know how to clear my clutter perfectly, I forgive myself for doing nothing.  I feel safe to clear out the clutter in a non-perfect way or any way I know how.

Even though I am terrified of this sense of loss I usually have when I de-clutter, I now feel safe as I have EFT to vanquish my fears and procrastination.  

Even though I’m afraid if I create an anti-clutter system that it will fail, as my systems have failed in the past, I choose to forgive myself and NEVER give up!

Even though I paid a lot of money for this stuff that I never use or wear, and I’ve been saving it for a garage sale I’ve never had, I choose to GIVE this good stuff to charity and mark it off on my income taxes, helping myself and others.

Even though I’ve been afraid that de-cluttering and organizing my stuff will be too time-consuming and difficult, I feel safe to take baby steps and break the project into tiny tasks.  I can do 10 minutes daily and feel a GREAT sense of accomplishment!

Remember to focus on your desired outcome and to tap away any resistance to releasing clutter.  While releasing the old stuff, you are creating space for wonderful new things to come into your life.

You'll be amazed, as I was, at your increased energy and joy as you make progress daily or weekly!

 Create a joyful, healthy month...

... and keep on tapping! 

--Colleen Flanagan, EFT-ADV

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