Mountain Lake
Independent Baptist Church

Janaury 2017

What Is "Tract Month?"

Tract Month began at Mountain Lake Independent Baptist Church in 1995 when we became burdened for an effective way to saturate our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Over the years, Tract Month has developed into an effective method of involving nearly the entire church body in the distribution of Gospel tracts.  Through competition, promotion, prayer and participation, hundreds of thousands of Gospel tracts have been distributed throughout our entire region.
Scores of professions of faith have been recorded over the years (including one from Beijing, China!!)  Of course, only God knows the exact tally, but we are convinced that many have come to know the Lord though this effort, and many thousands more have been confronted with the need of a Savior.
How Does "Tract Month" Work?

One month out of the year is set aside as "Tract Month" (we have found April to be best for us.)  Though there are a number of ways this can be implemented, we set a challenging goal, divide our church into two "teams," give some basic training of how and why to give out tracts, make attractive and affective tracts available and then pray and work hard. 
More practical details are given in our free "Tract Month Manual" available from Mountain Lake Independent Baptist Church.
How Can Your Church Get Involved?

The starting place is to have a burden to reach the lost, become convinced of the power and effectiveness of a simple Gospel tract, ask God to give you a vision, and then, get the free Tract Month Manual and see how this might work in your church.
Any size church in even the most rural of settings can distribute a large number of tracts and have a powerful impact in your community with the Gospel of Christ. 
I am asking God to touch the hearts of pastors to have a "Tract Month" this year and see over 1,000,000 tracts distributed through this dynamic effort.  If we could just average 10,000 tracts distributed in 50 churches, that would be 500,000 tracts given out in one month! We have done well over that in the last several years. That would have to have an impact on our nation.
By the way, missionaries on the foreign fields are implimenting this into their local churches and are seeing great results. Everyone, anywhere can be involved in this endeavor.
Please contact me if you have any interest at all.  Get the manual (it costs you nothing but a little bit of time; we can email a pdf. version or "snail mail" you a hard copy). See if this is something you could use at your church.  Our only motive is simply a sincere desire to get the Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible. 
By the way, a number of years ago we teamed up with Beacon of Truth Baptist Ministries in this outreach and have put together a "Tract Month Package." This includes the manual and a month's supply of tracts (a different one for each week of the campaign). You can contact Dr. Dan Hummel at or call me here at the church. 
Thanks for considering having a "Tract Month" at your church. I think you'll love it!
God bless.

Thanks for your consideration,
Dennis Leatherman, Pastor
Mountain Lake Independent Baptist Church, Oakland, MD
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