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Dear ,

I trust you have already guessed what our new fabric is made from. We present an innovation on the textil market: Tussah silk and Banana fiber. The silk comes from non-violent rearing (Ahimsa silk), the fibers are produced from the stems of banana "trees" from organic agriculture. It is not a cellulose fiber from the chemical industry. Order your sample and feel it!

The Ahimsa-Satin GANA is offered to a reduced price - as stock lasts. It is a nice and light fabric with a wonderful shine.

New in our core assortment is the Twill TEJA 60 g/m² in Bio and Ahimsa quality  extra large with 140 cm.

We offer you two trendy colours for the upcoming season: Bay Green und Bay Blue in light Tussah silk CLARITY. Already available in the shop is CLARITY in fog-blue.

Photos from my last stay in Meghalaya you can see on the blog on The first weaving training with ten new built Flying8 looms took place from  23 January until 17 February with twenty weavers and designers. The women have been absolutely excited to work with this new kind of loom.So also Andreas Möller has been very happy. Thank you, Andreas, for your work!

I wish you a happy spring season, a lot of daffodils and many many warm sun rays.

Best regards from Leipzig 

Matias Langer



Innovation: Banana & silk

This newly developed fabric from Indian hand weavers consists of 65% of organic banana fiber (and not of cellulose, which is obtained from banana waste!) The weft is made from tussah silk, which originates from ahimsa- silk rearing..

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Special offer: Satin GANA

This soft satin is slightly shiny on both sides. This differs from the usual satin look: one side dull, the other shiny. The mulberry silk is made from non-violent silk rearing. GANA is mechanically woven from mulberry silk in India.

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Twill in XL

We can now offer our beautiful light twill TEJA in a wider width: the new version is suitable for cutting of clothing, for living room textiles or light bed linen, with 60 g / m² and 140 cm width.

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Spring Dreams with CLARITY

We offer you two new trend colours for the summer in the light-weight tussah silk CLARITY. Bay-green and Bay-blue can be used for summer clothing. CLARITY is hand-woven from Peace Silk and has an organza-like stand.

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