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CHAIRS MISSING [2011] by Bea de Visser
at Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid
In Paris, November 18-26, 2011
Chairs Missing will be screened at the Centre Pompidou programme

The last days of a swimming pool, just before the demolition. We come to know anything about the people we 'follow' or meet. Everyone seems calm and happened to come by. It d
erives the film its quality as stylized documentary observation or film essay. Yet there is turmoil and tangible threat. 
The 'Rencontres Internationales' reflects specificities and convergences of artistic practices between new cinema and contemporary art, explores emerging media art practices and their critical purposes, and makes possible a necessary time where points of view meet and are exchanged.
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The short film MOTOR has been presented together with CHAIRS MISSING to a select audience of both crews, families and friends at LanterenVenster in Rotterdam, September 2011

MOTOR [2011] by Simone Bennett with a composition for Chello and Drarf Minke Violin (Yuri Landman) by Simon Lenski (DAAU). A short film about how gossip and rumour spreads like a virus.

Chairs Missing is written and directed by Bea de Visser website Bea de Visser
Motor is written and directed by Simone Bennett website Simone Bennett

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