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November 2011
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 - NEW Charity of the Month Affiliate Program!
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2) Self-Healing Article: Remedy for Holiday Procrastination
3) Surrogate Healing Snippets for Kids & Critters: Surrogate Remedy for Resistance
Your Community Update
NEW!  Charity of the Month Partnership Program:
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I will help by donating 50% of my products sales via affiliate partnerships, and promote one charity per month via this newsletter. 
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Q: How can I clear my emotions causing 
procrastination, especially around the year-end holidays?

A: Procrastination is simply a fear-based resistance to something we need to do. Fortunately, clearing procrastination about ANY task is fast and easy!

The year-end holidays usually add many additional items to our weekly "to-do" list and more visitors to our homes.
No matter how much we love the holiday season, we can feel stress, resentment and procrastination at all the tasks looming before us.

Here’s how to clear emotions causing holiday task procrastination...
Read rest of article

Complimentary BASIC Emotional Release
for Kids and Critters
What is surrogate healing? Applying Emotional Release methods to yourself to help another. It works because we are all energetically connected.
Q: What's the remedy to clear resistance in children (not wanting to do homework) or animals (to bathing or being groomed)? 

A: Causes of a child's resistance to homework are similar to that of adults: fear that the task will be too boring, too hard or painful, they will fail to please authority figures or finishing the task will bring unwanted consequences.
Animals’ resistance or anxiety to bathing or grooming may be due to their instincts telling them they are unsafe in water, or with grooming tools (especially electronics). 
Read rest of article (Contains surrogate emotional release phrases you can use right away!)
NEW Emotional Release for Animals ebook information
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Many kinds of proven self-healing and surrogate healing tools for people and pets can be yours and immediately downloaded
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Wishing you prosperity, peace, love, and successful healing results!
Colleen Flanagan, EFTCert-I & FREED Founder
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
"The Expert to Call When You're Overwhelmed by It ALL!"
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