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  March 2015
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Measles Hysteria - What's It Really About?
For now, the recent measles hysteria and media frenzy has subsided. No doubt we’ll see another round of it in the near future. Traditionally measles occurs most often in the late winter or early spring, just as it did a year ago with outbreaks in British Columbia and Alberta, and this year with a few cases in the Toronto area and Quebec. Measles outbreaks are predicted to continue because of pockets of non immune people as well as vaccine failure and waning vaccine immunity among fully vaccinated people. In the pre-MMR vaccine era, the vast majority of people enjoyed natural lifelong immunity from having had measles in childhood. Regular seasonal rounds of measles among non-immune children was the expected norm.

In the U.S. measles outbreaks have triggered an unprecedented move by a number of states to either restrict or remove both religious and personal vaccine exemptions. Health freedom activist, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny found that plans to minimize or eliminate vaccine exemptions in the U.S. have been in the works for a long time as she explains in her article, Healthy People 2020 and the Decade of Vaccines.  The recent Disneyland outbreak triggered hundreds of pro-vaccine articles vilifying vaccine resistors and calls for an end to exemptions. It set the stage for draconian measures calling for a national immunization program for all stages of life.  In Oregon, parents fighting to protect vaccine exemptions in their state, discovered that the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) is a key organization driving the assault on vaccine exemptions. Not only is NACCHO lobbying state legislators to eliminate vaccine exemptions, it also advocates for national immunization policy to insure the vaccination of all people from "cradle to grave". It is in lock step with the goals of “Healthy People 2020”.

In Canada, while mainstream media and health officials posture about “mandatory” vaccination, after weeks of bashing vaccine resistors, the rhetoric has subsided.  Alberta’s health minister rejected the call for mandatory vaccination and Health Minister Eric Hoskins in Ontario said he’s not willing to make vaccinations mandatory in the province. Perhaps these health ministers discovered that in Canada, we’re protected from mandatory vaccination as stated in this 1996 government report, “Unlike some countries, immunization is not mandatory in Canada; it cannot be made mandatory because of the Canadian Constitution”.  Living next door to a country poised to forcibly medicate its people while removing the basic human right to bodily integrity is certainly unnerving.  It requires us to remain vigilant and protective of the basic human rights we are guaranteed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which protects our right to “freedom of conscience and religion” and our right to “security of the person”.

Vaccine Culture War

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is America’s oldest and most trusted vaccine safety advocacy group. Its founder sees the assault on medical freedoms taken to a new level.  In her article The Vaccine Culture War in America, Barbara Loe Fisher describes the witch hunt against families and dissenting doctors. She asks, “How did a handful of measles cases at Disneyland turn into a full-scale assault on civil and human rights in America?” Fisher defines 5 myths of the “culture war”, and offers powerful arguments countering these myths.
  • Myth # 1: Most medical doctors say that vaccines do not cause Injury or death, so it must be true.
  • Myth # 2: People who question vaccine safety are ignorant and do not understand the science.
  • Myth # 3: People who do not vaccinate are selfish and don’t care about the public health.
  • Myth # 4: Science trumps religious beliefs so religious exemptions to vaccination should be eliminated.
  • Myth # 5: It is ethical for government to sacrifice the few for the many.
Fisher eloquently dissects these pro-vaccine myths saying that, “Doctors who say vaccines are safe for everyone and do not cause injury and death are either uninformed, in denial or lying. Since the first vaccine for smallpox, doctors have known and it has been well documented that brain inflammation, permanent brain damage and death have always been among most serious complications of vaccination. Most people who question vaccine safety are very intelligent and understand the difference between good science and bad science.  It is not selfish to want to make informed choices about how to stay healthy. It is not selfish to protect yourself and your children from harm, especially if you believe your family is more susceptible to vaccine injury. If everyone protects their own health and the health of their children, the public health will be protected.

You do not have to belong to an organized religion or state recognized church to hold sincere religious or spiritual beliefs about health and vaccination. As a mother or father, you have the God given natural right to use the brain and gut instincts God gave you to consider the evidence, examine your conscience, pray for guidance and exercise the human right to informed consent to medical risk-taking on behalf of your minor child. Do not let a doctor, government employee or politician take that God given right away from you. It is a violation of religious freedom to force vaccination when you hold religious or spiritual beliefs opposing use of one or more vaccines and it is a violation of the human spirit to force you to disobey the certain judgment of your conscience.  Are we going to slide down the slippery slope of utilitarianism and ignore the profound ethical and legal questions that remain: Who gets to decide what protects the public health? Which individuals should be sacrificed? And how many is too many?”

Altering the Immune System Affects Your Brain
What is lacking from the public debate is a discussion of the emerging science which has for three decades accumulated evidence on the effect an altered immune system has on brain function. Because of mainstream media’s strict blackout on publication of evidence demonstrating the harmful effects of vaccines on the immune system, brain and human health, the population is kept in the dark while remaining captive to a vaccine paradigm frozen in an obsolete scientific model.

Canadian neuroscientists Lucija Tomljenovic and Chris Shaw have published a number of important scientific papers on the effects of aluminum vaccine adjuvants on the brain.  In this informative interview, Dr. Tomljenovic talks about ‘immune system brain disorder’ and discusses the intimate relationship between the immune system and the brain. What the research reveals is that aluminum is a potent neurotoxin which sets off an exaggerated adjuvant-induced immune response that is causing trouble.
Dr. Tomljenovic says, "The backbone of this research was done 30 years ago. We already knew that there is a significant connection between the immune system and the central nervous system. They communicate. You cannot influence the immune system at the periphery without changing something in the brain. Most of us know that from experience, because when you get the flu, your brain doesn’t function very well. That mental fogginess and chronic fatigue, they are clear neurobehavioral changes in response to an immune stimulus [infection].

It's a neuroendocrine axis—basically, the immune system at the periphery and the central nervous system talk to each other. Again, if you increase an immune response artificially at the periphery, you are going to mess up the brain. They’ve done that artificially using what they call viral and bacterial mimics. I thought, “Oh, that spells like antigens in vaccines,” Because that’s exactly what’s being used. Commonly in this type of research strong adjuvants are added to exaggerate the immune response...

There is a huge body of research that shows that if you overstimulate the immune system at the periphery, especially in the critical stage of early development, you are going to influence the brain in a negative way, and by doing so, you can create irreversible damage. Again, this is research that is rarely discussed, because it really shows that there is reason to question the safety of the burden of vaccines given to infants.”

At Vaccine Choice Canada, we ask, what will it take to bring this basic information out into the public domain?  All parents have the right to know that the injection of neurotoxic chemicals into their children during critical phases of development poses the risk of altering normal immune system and brain function.

A recent Toronto area chapter meeting of Vaccine Choice Canada brought people together to meet each other, share their vaccine injury stories and to discuss strategies to protect our vaccine exemption rights in a climate that is increasingly hostile toward those who resist vaccine dogma.  At Vaccine Choice Canada, our primary purpose and mission as a not-for-profit, educational society is to assist parents to make fully informed healthcare choices concerning vaccinations and to protect the individual’s right to the medical ethic of voluntary and informed consent.
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