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CBS Course Medical Mycology 2010

15-26 March, 2010

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The spectrum of fungi involved in human mycoses is rapidly widening. This is partly due to increasing hospital populations of severely immunocompromised patients, with AIDS, leukemia, organ transplant or major surgery. The ultimate cause of death of these patients quite often is a fungus. But more often infections appear to be caused by fungi that were previously misidentified. The Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures (CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre), Utrecht, The Netherlands will be offering a course on Medical Mycology which is intended for clinicians, medical microbiologists, veterinarians and medical technicians. This 2-week course takes place 15 - 26 March, 2010. the course will be devoted to identification of pathogenic and opportunistic mould and yeasts. A large and representative set of organisms will be available for study. The course is built up in a didactic way, such that previous experience with medical fungi is not necessary. Lectures on particular subjects will deal with isolation techniques, fungal flora of patients with impaired natural or acquired immunity, molecular biology and natural ecology of animal-associated fungi. Clinical aspects of major fungal diseases will be treated in detail, and a significant section is devoted to antimycotic therapy.

Prof. Dr. G.S. de Hoog, Dr. R. Vitale, and numerous invited experts on selected topics.
Language of instruction:
The course is given in the English language, while personal explanation and guidance is possible in German, French, Spanish, and Dutch.
Course Book:
The course is based on the book Atlas of Clinical Fungi, (G.S. de Hoog et al, 3nd edition, CD-Rom version, 2009) , which is included in the course fee.
Utrecht, Uppsalalaan 8 (for direction click here)
Course fee:
2000 (accommodation and food  not included).
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