Save the Date
Fall Conference
October 11th
  The Fall Conference will be held in Orlando on October 11, 2013.   
   Challenges continue to lie ahead for the McKay Scholarship:  EOC Assessments, Common Core Curriculum, Technology Based Teaching.  Plan on attending the workshop to learn how we can successfully face these challenges and continue to provide great educational options to our children with disabilities.
School Choice Day
At The Capitol
On April 3, 1200 students and parents converged on The Capitol in Tallahassee to show their support of School Choice.  Governor Scott and Commissioner Bennett spoke to the group as well as many legislators.  Students and parents then visited legislators throughout the day.
End-Of-Course Assessments
What You Need to Know
  The acceptance of credits from Florida private schools is no longer automatic when a student transfers to a public high school.
  The Florida Department of Education has instituted rules that require private school students to take and pass the Florida End-of-Course (EOC) Assessments in Biology I, Algebra 1 and Geometry before their private school credits may be accepted by a public high school in which they want to transfer.    More EOC Assessments on other courses are anticipated being created.
   Private schools who teach high school students and award diplomas need to review this rule.  At this point, if the student remains in the private school for their high school years, they would not have to take any EOC exams and the private school would determine if their diploma is a standard diploma or a special diploma based on the private school’s curriculum and the student’s performance.
   However, private schools must make their parents aware that should their child return to public school, the EOC Assessments will be required before their transferred credits in those courses would be accepted.
The Coalition has a number of concerns and issues concerning these EOC Assessments.
  1. McKay Scholarship students often have to be taught a different way and at a different pace.  This does not mean that they can’t learn the high school information, but their learning pattern may not fit the design or curriculum of the public school.  Passing a test that is designed for a very different curriculum could be problematic for many of our students.
  2. What liability does a private school have if they award a high school credit to a student who then takes an EOC Assessments and does not pass?
  3. Will there be any ramifications for college entrance for students graduating with a standard diploma from a private school?
We will be discussing these issues in the coming months and at the Fall Conference.  However, parents do need to be informed now of this decision so they can make their own decisions about having their students take the EOC Assessments.
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