Avalanche™ transfection reagents - don’t let your research slide away
EZ Biosystems™ Avalanche™ range of cell-line-specific and  primary cell type-specific transfection reagents are a new, proprietary solution for tough-to-transfect cell lines and primary cell types. 
The proprietary Avalanche™ formulation of lipids and polymers ensures the highest possible transfection efficiencies with minimal toxicity. No other transfection reagents can match the efficiency, convenience, and gentleness of the range of Avalanche™ transfection Reagents. Cambio is now proud to be distributing the whole range in the UK and Ireland.
So what makes them different?
  • Specifically optimized to deliver nucleic acids into a whole range of primary cells.
  • Highest efficiency to ensure experimental success
  • Lowest cellular toxicity - maintain cell density and reduce experimental biases
  • Deliver single or multiple plasmids
  • Simple and straightforward protocols
  • Compatible with serum
  • Suitable for reverse transfection 
  • Compatible with transfection in any plate format
  • Economical: High efficiency means lower amounts of nucleic acid & reagent needed
  • Developed and manufactured by EZ Biosystems
Click here to see the Avalanche™ range and get your primary cell research going!
To learn how EZ Biosystems™ develop cell-specific specific AvalancheTM transfection reagents click here.



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