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The Untold Story
Shackton, The Untold Story with Lawrence Howard
   If you think you have heard the story of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s historic, ill-fated expedition to Antarctica, think again. Spellbound, Portland Story Theater MainstageThis year, Lawrence Howard takes the Armchair Adventurer series back to its roots with Shackleton, the story that started it all. For the first time ever, he’ll tell the harrowing story of the Ross Sea Party — those valiant men on the other side of the continent who gave everything they had to lay down the caches of food and fuel along the route — caches that, as it turned out, Shackleton never used. This story is  going to be a part the city-wide Fertile Ground festival of new works.  
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Spellbound, Portland Story Theater MainstageIt's that merry time of year again and we know you're busy trying to get everything together before your in-laws arrive. Oy gevalt! Take a deep breath, listen to a good story, buy your tickets for Shackleton, and make a tax-deductible contribution to Portland Story Theater. We guarantee you'll feel better! Thanks, we couldn't do this without you. Sometimes a good story is all you need to get through the day. Here are a few of your favorites to keep things in perspective over this holiday season. Enjoy! Thanks for being such a good friend to Portland Story Theater. Merry Everything!
Samuel Willoughby, A White Quetzal
Samiel Willowbee (Samuel Willoughby) 
A White Quetzal
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Chetter Galloway, Pride
Chetter M. Galloway
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Amanda Starr, Me, My Uterus, and Bill
Amanda Starr
Bill, My Uterus, and Me
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Talen Nicolai Moe, Best Dad
Talen Nicolai Moe
Best Dad
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Warren McPherson, The Funk and Fatherhood
Warren McPherson
The Funk and Fatherhood
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Talen Nicolai Moe (Urban Tellers)
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