and their 111.698 unique listeners!
It is difficult to believe that broadcast already one year 24/7 completely free and legale organ music with amazing results. Since January the 4th of 2016 111.698 unique listeners from 150 countries listened to the Orgelradio.
The top 10 countries with the most listeners are situated in Europe and in America:
1. The Netherlands (54.259)
2. Germany (15.365)
3. Belgium (13.659)
4. United States (5.777)
5. France (4.752)
6. Great Britain (2.474)
7. Switzerland (1.679)
8. Canada (1.558)
9. Italy (1.506)
10. Spain (939)
On the picture below you can see where our listeners are situated: and the press:
Since the beginning had always the luck to receive a lot of attention by the press. And that is not bad for organ! The articles are in Dutch (Gazet van Antwerpen, Het Laatste NieuwReformatorisch Dagblad) and the TV documentaries aswel (RTVOmroep MAX starting at 07:27). But there is a podcast in English made by the Lithuanian organist Vidas Pinkevicius: 
2017: an exciting and thrilling year for!
To assure a continuous growth will become an independant radiostation. In that way we can broadcast without being interrupted by commercials and expand by broadcasting live concerts and supply more channels at the same time. And even more important we could stream in cd quality and not just in mp3. Later in the year you will hear more but beleave me, we are working hard to keep offering the for free and at the same time increase the quality and the content. 
The CD library of
Thanks to many donations from fellow organists, from organ lovers and from organbuilders but also from enthusiastic recording labels  the CD library of contains 2.226 discs. The complete CD library is online available.  And by the way, you can pick your own favourite music and mail it to us with a simple click on the button. Because every Saturday you decide what we broadcast. You get even a notice when your favourite one is on the Orgelradio. Is is that simple.

If you notice your CDs are not in our library do send them to, Brugstraat 3, B-2340 Beerse, Belgium. Thanks a lot for your support!
Weekly schedule
Every day we broadcast 12 CDs every 8 hour so we can cover every timezone in the world. Every day has its own theme. Have a look:

Monday Organists from Belgium info
Tuesday Music composed after 1800 info
Wedensday Organists from the Netherlands info
Thursday   Music from J.S.Bach only info
Friday Organists world wide info
Saturday Your favourite music info
Sunday Inspired by religion info
On the website we show from each CD the cover, we mention the artist and the organ (location & organbuilder) and a "buy-link" so you can order the cd and enjoy it even more at home.
WBut what could you do for
  1. In the first place do listen and enjoy all the beauty on It is completely free and it will stay free!
  2. Visit our CD library online and pick your favourite music that we can broadcast on every Saturday. If you don't find the recordings of your organist, just convince him or her to send them to, Brugstraat 3, B-2340 Beerse, België. We can only broadcast what we have in our library!
  3. If you want to donate you find the necessary information overhere. At the moment we are saving for a new computer.
  4. If you have a company we can offer you a perfect arena for your advert on our homepage. In 2016 our homepage alone has been visited more than 100.000 times. If you are interested mail to
Stay tuned!!
Nico Declerck - producer
Brugstraat 3, B-2340 Beerse, België