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This Month's Kitty Smiles
From the Cats' Guide to Humans:
"You must curl up on their faces so they don't freeze to death."
(Thanks to Paul DeCeglie for this one!)

Limberbutt McCubbins For President!
With the presidential elections coming up next month in the U.S., I thought you might enjoy reading about the cat who is
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Links of Interest
Anyone remember Maru, the cat who loves boxes? Here he is again:
The Vikings didn't conquer the world alone. They had cats!
Oct. 7, 2016
Black Cat Awareness Month
This month has many events and activities designed to help stray cats, black cats, feral cats, homeless cats, cats on "death row" and any cat that needs our help. Here are some links to lead you to one that may interest you, support your efforts if you're an advocate or rescuer, or simply help you to educate others about the plight of cats at risk.

October is Black Cat Awareness Month  (See*

Oct. 16 - National Feral Cat Day - (See

Oct. 29 - National Cat Day  (See

Oct. 30 - National Black Cat Day in the UK
Black Cats Tell All
As a reminder, Aug. 17 was Black Cat Appreciation Day. Now we are in Black Cat Awareness Month, and the 30th is National Black Cat Day. They deserve to get loving homes as much as any other cat, so let's help them find the love and respect they need, too.

In honor of black cats everywhere, my friend Layla has compiled a book about them to raise black cat awareness and adoption rates. You can read about it below, and you might even want to buy a book!
Here are some more pet-related holidays for the month:
World Animal Month
National Pet Wellness Month
National Animal Safety and Protection Month

1st Full Week of October: Animal Welfare Week (AVMA)

 4 - World Animal Day
 9 - 15 - National Veterinary Technician Week
 12 - National Pet Obesity Awareness Day. This is especially important to Maine Coon cat owners, who sometimes wonder how big is too big.
 28 - Plush Animal Lovers Day
If you have a new cat or kittens, you may have some questions about how to care for them. Feel free to submit questions and I'll be sure to include them here. If you're having an emergency, however, please contact someone near you, such as your vet, in case you need to take the animal in to the office.
Kitty Care Tips
 Here are 6 signs that your cat may be bored:
 Some practical uses for baking soda for pet owners:
 How to Tell When a Cat is in Pain
 And Here are 8 Tips for Making an Outdoor Cat an Indoor Cat!
 Heartwarming News Department:

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