The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers
Hash 1359
The Lion and the Lamb, Horseley

Hares Botany, Artychoke, Gandalf

This week, celebrating the birthday of Botany, the hash enjoyed some high living in the car park with real cups, champagne, and
a buffet with a view.

A small contingent of runners and a rather larger cohort of walkers met at The Lion  and Lamb on humid Wednesday evening.
Walkers headed off under the direction Botany and Artychoke whilst Gandalf herded the runners off into the fields. 

Heading downhill, the hashers fears of an uphill return trip were soon re-enforced by the hare admitting that a gradient of 1/5
awaited them in a couple of miles. Buoyed up this good news, the runners sped down the valley pausing only to run their fingers
through the ripening corn field ‘Gladiator-stylee’ and to wait for solo widdler complete accompanying fanfare.
Reaching the valley floor without finding any bears, angry farmers or electric fences, the hash then reached Ovingham and ran
along the Tyne, avoiding the eroding banks and paths before turning uphill for the start of the Big Climb.
Reliably informed by the hare that the woods they now headed into crossed the trail from last week both GH and MP completely
failed to recognise it at all. Fortunately the hare had kindly added a number of holding checks for breathers and only 1 filthy
morley, before a sweating, puffing group re appeared over the horizon and onto the pub car park for some delightful glasses of
the bubbly stuff, courtesy of the birthday walking hare.
Circling in the car park later on, the Walkers gave a thrilling account of their  own adventures including, getting lost, running
away from mad cows, being electrocuted and Pokemon Go! This being a mystery to most present, the kids - BM and Ben (the
youngest) explained the concept  to those who had yet to discover it, before  the usual hilarious japes from the RA,
some witty remarks from the GM, some tuneful renditions of S/He’s a hasher.... and a Rectum look alike competition they
all adjourned to the pub for a lovely buffet with a view.
Nice one Hares another fabulous hash!
Stats and Special Notices
  • Pokemon's spotted ? - Answers on a postcard to Touch and Go
  • No. of men falling off cliffs playing Pokemon Go - 2
  • No of children falling down mines playing Pokemon Go - A group
  • No of dead bodies discovered whilist playing Pokemon Go - 1
  • No of burglaries foiled by Pokemon Go - 1  (?)
  • Bears - 0 Mad cows - 10
  • Champagne - 1
  • Wee beasties - several thousand
  • Fields - Full of corn
  • Hills - Steep
  • Rivers- 1
  • Views - Amazing  as per usual in the Tyne valley
  • No. of reccies to find a runnable route by hare in Horseley  - 3 (times a lady)
  • Massive chips v. Giant sandwiches
  • Chundering children - 1
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