The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers

The Brandling Villa, Gosforth
Hash R*n 1331
Hares – Touch and Go and Pimp
The weather forecast being described as cold and dry, it was inevitably mild and rainy as the hash gathered in the extremely popular Brandling Villa (a pub that is a friend to the Pooch).
With the hare directing operations whilst ensconced barside, his glamourous assistant Pimp took over the operational duties of carrolling a recalcitrant hash into the rainy night. A largish group headed off into the oncoming traffic, eschewing the pavements provided by Newcastle City Council in favour of heavily congested rain slicked roads.
Heading up the waggonway towards Benton the night air was rent by the sounds of BM coughing up parts of his respiratory system before the pack headed past the Freeman and down to The Dene. 
Darkness abruptly descendied as the front runners missed the double FRB and the dene resounded to the calls of the 'On 'On.
A health and safety decision by the hare meant that shiggy and the likelihood of  injury was avoided and the pack headed back to the pub
The circle was then held in the outside basement area of the pub due to the adverse weather conditions.
Stats and Special notices
Widdlers - 2
Hash Cash - 1
Latecomers - 1
Trainers Left At Home - 2 pairs
Trainers liberated - 1 pair
Nearly Out of Date Condoms distributed by Tea Lady  - 0
Out of Date Condoms used at 'HAG' weekend - See Slippery When Wet ( and video) for further details
Walkers left in pub and outraged at missing circle - 2
Shiggy - Avoided
Lift queen - Mary Poppins
Pies - 1, Chicken
Torchless - 2
Thanks to the hares for a lovely run out, not long till we can ditch our torches and enjoy the lingering sunsets of the Northern hemisphere.



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