Hi! It's been a while. I've had a nice summer writing a play about evolution, joining Instagram and hanging with my todder. How was yours? 
  • This Sunday I'm hosting an amazing show on the actual Cutty Sark!
  • Keynoting at a Chemistry Conference in Birmingham next week... 
  • ...and doing a Chemistry Lesson at Robin Ince's "Nine Lessons".
  • Unnecessary Detail is back, and for ages 12+ at Bloomsbury Theatre.
  • A Podcast Of Unnecessary Detail first episodes recording now. 
  • Spoken Nerd DVDs are half price for teachers and educators.
If you're free this Sunday - 27th October - get yourself on board the Cutty Sark for a very special night I'm curating and hosting. Not one, not two, not three, but SIX HELENS (plus two token non-Helens) are scheduled to appear in a single show full of science, stories and sea-faring adventure. Helen of Troy's face may have launched a thousand ships, but this line-up should be able to launch at least a small satellite into space, and raise lots of cash to restore the famous tea clipper's figurehead, Nannie The Witch. 
Did I mention it's on the actual Cutty Sark, currently docked in Greenwich? Plus you can do a virtual reality dive into a Mediterranean shipwreck in the interval. And if your name is Helen you get £1 off tickets. 

Speaking of tickets, they're over here. 

And here's the complete list of Helens and non-Helens appearing:
 - Dr Helen Czerski: oceanographer, bubble scientist and BBC presenter with the latest sea science.
 - Helen McDonald: storyteller, bringing Carribean Island tales to chilly maritime Greenwich
 - Dr Helen Farr: maritime archaeologist, diving into non-mythological Mediterranean shipwrecks. 
 - Natalie Haynes: comedian and classicist, her new book retells the Odyssey from Helen's angle.
 - Dr Helen Pilcher: science writer, working out how to bring back extinct sea creatures, and Elvis.
 - Dr Helen Scales: marine biologist, author of "Spirals In Time" and "The Eye Of The Shoal". 
 - Hannah Stockton: Cutty Sark's own curator, on how Nannie will be restored to her former glory. 
 - And me! With songs and sea-themed puns.

There's still lots of tickets left, if you would be so kind as to spread the word, it's going to be fab. 
Next Thursday 31st October, I'm performing the keynote show at Lab Innovations at Birmingham NEC. If you're heading there (like all the cool Innovating Lab kids are nowadays) come and say hello! My show is 1-1.45pm and I'll be signing books afterwards. 
On Wednesday 13th November I'm bringing a periodic table of puns to a special edition of Pun Run hosted by Bec Hill, just off Oxford Street. It's nearly sold out so don't dilly dally.
And if you're at the first of Robin Ince's annual holiday shindigs, known as "Nine Lessons And Carols For Curious People" on Thursday 12th December, make sure you wave during the brief period I'll be on stage, and I'll try to wave back. 
Our monthly new material nights are back up and running in Bethnal Green, with scores of great new acts on the last Tuesday of most months. Book early to get the cheapest tickets. Although be aware that Tuesday 29th October is almost sold out already, and 26th November is heading that way fast... 

January to June's monthly shows will be on sale next Tuesday, so check back on the Spoken Nerd website or follow my twitter, facebook or instagram for updates - links below.
People who like detail usually love planning ahead too, right? That's us. So we've already booked another double "Best Of An Evening Of Unnecessary Detail" at the beautiful Bloomsbury Theatre in Euston. There'll be different line-ups each night of Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th July 2020 - book now, ages 12+ welcome!
And if you've been wondering where "A Podcast Of Unnecessary Detail" has got to... well... after delays aplenty we're recording the first episodes between now and Christmas. Subscribe here to get our first three episodes automatically in January. If the necessary detail falls into place in time...  
If you're a teacher, librarian, lecturer, homeschooler, youth worker, Guide, Scout or Brownie pack leader, or in any kind of educational role, we've slashed the price of our latest 2 shows on DVD and download.
You won't just get "Just For Graphs" and "You Can't Polish A Nerd" on DVD, you'll also get instant HD downloads of those two shows AND our first release, "Full Frontal Nerdity" - all for £7.86 + P&P
Here's the secret link (you won't find this on our shop frontpage) and don't forget to use code "APPLEFORTHETAUCHER" at checkout to claim your Pi Five DVD and download offer. Feel free to share this with all your buddies in the education field!

I didn't know I needed one, and then I wrote one, and now life will never be the same again.
A chunk of my summer was taken up with a new play commission, written for the Lost Lectures and performed at the Natural History Museum as part of the epic EMERGE Festival in September. 
I was incredibly lucky to work with biologist Natalie Cooper at the Museum, and phenomenal actress Janina Smith (pictured) who helped me turn a ragtag bag of ideas about ducks, moths and evolution into a full-on Disco dance party, complete with motivational Zumba giraffe. It was an absolute blast.

We'd love to put it on again some time. So if you know any science festivals, arts festivals or theatres who like quirky, interactive and intelligent theatre, reply to this email and we'll take it from there. 
Thanks for reading this to the end.
If you missed the last newsletter from June, here it is.
I genuinely do love your replies - thank you to everyone who has dropped me a line recently. I always reply (even if it takes a while...) so please do send me your news / views / corrections / correlations or anything you're up to that I might find interesting. I'm sitting at home writing a lot at the moment. If you think something is interesting, I probably will too. 
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