NEXT FRIDAY, July 12th!

Signs of Reincarnation: What We've Learned.
with James Matlock, PhD
DATE: Friday, July 12 @ 7pm

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James Matlock, PhD presents the latest findings in the field of reincarnation research!

Over 2500 cases of the reincarnation type are on file. Over 1700 of them are “solved” and about 400 are published.  Jim Matlock explores some of these cases in his new book, Signs of Reincarnation: Exploring Beliefs, Cases, and Theory.
Jim will describe the development and investigation of the case of Rylann O’Bannion, including photographs that aren’t included in the book.  He will outline the main classes of signs—episodic memories, behavioral memories, physical signs, and signs of discarnate agency between lives, discuss the psychological impact of past-life memory, and describe the universal, near-universal, and culture-linked patterns of certain case features.
Matlock will also describe Ian Stevenson’s psychophore theory of reincarnation and discuss the benefits and problems with this theory. Jim will also explore the evidence and discuss the failures of describing the phenomena as either a social construct or an episode of super-psi (an explanation involving psi activities at a high level, but avoiding the inclusion of the survival of the human spirit or soul).  He will discuss his processual soul theory, and provide evidence supporting a process metaphysical approach rather than following an approach based on Cartesian substance dualism.
Jim will share the definition of these terms and the complex ideas behind them with the Rhine community.

Biographical Information

James G. Matlock is a research fellow with the Parapsychology Foundation in New York. He has worked at the American Society for Psychical Research in New York and the Rhine Research Center in Durham, North Carolina.
Matlock has published widely on reincarnation and related issues and is co-author, with Erlendur Haraldsson, of I Saw a Light and Came Here: Children’s Experiences of Reincarnation. He has contributed articles on reincarnation to the online Psi Encyclopedia. Since 2013, he has taught a courses on reincarnation research and theory through the Alvarado Zingrone Institute for Research and Education.

Friday, July 12, 2019
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
The Episcopal Center at Duke University
505 Alexander Drive
Durham,, NC 27705
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