Dear Industry Professionals,
This e-bulletin is devoted to Hungary. For the first time at ‘Save the Planet’ there will be a National Hungarian Participation, organized by the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency.
Below you will find an interview with Mr. Markocsany from HITA, as well as branch news from the Hungarian event partners - National Association of Recyclers of Hungary (HOE) and ZÖLD IPAR Magazin.
Have an enjoyable reading!
Organizer:  Via Expo
Tel: +359 32 512 905  

1. Dear Mr. Markocsany, please present the Agency activity?
The Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA) promotes the export of Hungarian products and service as well as facilitates foreign investment into Hungary.
HITA offers reliable and updated information about Hungarian
 - economy
 - market
 - business opportunities
 - companies
 - investment incentives
2. What are the reasons for establishing successful relationship with Save the Planet exhibition organizers – Via Expo?
In Hungary there is a great demand from the private sector to formulate new links, new connections with foreign countries, especially with our neighbors. Hungary, going through its transition period, has developed ...
Green Industry Magazine (Zöld Ipar Magazin)
Waste Law voted for the second time in Hungary
On the 26th November the modified draft of the Waste Law was voted by the Hungarian Parliament for the second time. This was necessary as the measure voted on the 8th October for the first time was sent back by President János Áder at the end of October for further consideration. The chief of state took defence that according to the measure reconditioning the waste management of Hungary the National Waste Management Agency has to complete the qualification of ...
  National Association of Recyclers of Hungary (HOE)
The National Association of Recyclers of Hungary (HOE) is the industry association of recycling companies in Hungary, with its more than 50 members representing a significant proportion of the Hungarian recycling industry. HOE members are active in the collection, pre-treatment, recycling and trading of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, recovered paper, waste plastics, tyre waste and waste glass. Ever since the first initiatives on adopting legislation on scrap metal trading in Hungary, HOE and the other concerned industry federations have been involved in the preparation and improvement of legislation regulating the area. ...