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Via Expo's team thanks everyone who was part of EE & RES, Save the Planet and Smart Cities. Undoubtedly, the 2019 edition showed that the market is "alive" with the introduction of new international brands, Bulgarian innovative developments and the growing need for resource-efficient solutions. And in order for things to happen faster, we hope that each of you will drive the sustainable change - by personal example, by a new cause, by your business growth.
We continue to build a community of people who are interested in independent and clean energy, digitized cities, recycling, air cleanliness, etc.
We invite you to join our groups – share your experience, product launches, achievements:
Save the Planet
Smart Cities

Finally, we are glad to announce the new date of EE and RES, Save the Planet and Smart Cities: 7-9 April 2020, IEC, Sofia, Bulgaria. Expect a different vision of the event - traditional accents combined with new themes related to the concept of "sustainability". 

Testimonials of some participants:
"Our products have gathered much interest among the exhibitions’ visitors. The Bulgarian market has great potential – the country is a member of the EU and energy efficiency standards are being implemented. All this gives me confidence for the future of our business in Bulgaria." Kristiyan Atanasovichi, Business Development Manager, KGE GmbH
"The participation in the exhibition was very useful to us - we met current and new customers." Georgi Rizov, Brand Manager, Geocycle Bulgaria

"Bulgaria is a growing market with excellent potential. We are always interested in investing here." Andrea Di Pasquale, Manager, INNOVA Consorzio per l'Informatica e la Telematica srl, Italy

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