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Issue #229                                                                                                                        August 30, 2022
Hello & Welcome!
Fall is almost here! In the past week or so I've been able to gratefully detect a slight lowering of the heat both during the day AND in the evening which also is arriving sooner. But you know what else always happenes about this time of the year?
We release a new pattern! And this year is no different!
That's right! Today we are releasing our new pattern, the Katalina Shoulder Bag to our most loyal customers, our newsletter subscribers. It's always amaing to me when I see that some of you have been with us since the mid-2000's. So thank you all, no matter how long you've been with us and I hope you enjoy today's newsletter! 
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"Eye Candy" for August 2022
It’s time for your monthly treat for the eyes & I really LOVE this month's selection of bags.
ALL of the bags pictured below have been shared recently on
(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic)
Charlene Samanich LOVED her Sling Along (with backpack straps) & since she had some fabric leftover, she decided that she "needed" a wallet to match & our Wallet (at right) was just the ticket for her! 

And here's the interior of Charlene's Walkabout Wallet (from photo at left). Best I can tell, Charlene has impeccable sewing skilz. This wallet is AMAZING!
Gail Peter's Elsie K Baglet has SUCH a clean professional finish! Who would ever guess that this is a homemade bag? Gail said she really likes this pattern and will most likely make another!

If there's one thing that HelenBartel LOVES, its irises! They're among her favorite flowers and the fabric she used for her Sling Along is among the prettiest fabrics featuring irises that I've ever seen! A beautiful bag! 
And isn't this an interesting HipBag Hybrid? I love the mix of textures that Monica Perkins chose for her bag!
She says she also added a couple of inside pockets & a pen slot or two to personalize her bag! 
Mary Larson is one of our regular testers and during our latest testing cycle for the Katalina, she decided to stitch her main entry zipper in place in a recessed way. It gives this design a totally different look and vibe, right? 
And this is such a lush and vibrant Everyday Attache!
It's just the latest of Elaine Comer's beautiful creations...
each one prettier than the last!
I was surprised & delighted when I "spied" this super spectacular Gemini FlightBag by @JaxMom on Instagram! She combined these fabrics expertly & her sewing skilz are pretty great too!
Mary Dinkelcreated this Quattro with a 60's vibe for a friend. This pattern has been a customer favorite for well over 10 years now & Mary's version proves that this design still has relevance in the 2020's! 
And finally, here's Mira Kuusikko unique take on our Cosmo Convertible design! This fabric is fun to look at & I LOVE how she fussy-cut the pandas bears to fit them perfectly on the front flap! Well done Mira!
(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic) 
Some Good Reading You May Have Missed!
And... here's an "Oldie but Goodie" from our "Archives" you may enjoy!
More New Fabric! - Venice from Robert Kaufmann
So I had all but given up on getting any of this wonderful Venice fabric in stock at all, let alone in time for the Katalina release.... and then lo and behold it arrived just in time last week!  
And just in case you didnt click on our "Cover Reveal" post in the section above, this is the very fabric that's gracing our Katalina Cover Model! It sure is pretty and would great on many other of our bags as well. Just click HERE to find out more!

Video of the Month- 
OK- if you are one of those people who have ever waged war with squirrel adversaries over the rights to your bird feeders, or if you love someone who has, then you're REALLY gonna appreciate this video!
 Please note: its quite long so there's a couple of commerical you'll have to endure, but I promise...its worth it! Click image or HERE to begin.
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Here’s what we know about cat purring—how cats purr, why they do it, and how you can tell what your cat’s purring means.  {Click HERE to read more}
Un-word of the Month- "Flabbergasted"
"Flabbergasted"- appalled by the discovery of how much weight one has gained
Call it a Kentucky Waterfall, a Tennessee Top Hat or a Missouri Compromise, at the end of the day it's the same iconic haircut: "the mullet".                               And now fans of the business in the front, party in the back hairdo have a chance to vote on their favorite styles in this year's USA Mullet Championship. Finalists in the kids and teens categories were selected earlier this week, and it's up to online voters to decide who wins the dubious honor of champion mullet-head! {Click HERE to read more.}
As Funny As Real Life-
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
sent to us by alert reader Sharon McKinney!
Sewing in the News- The Gift of Sewing
August 24, 2022-CBS NEWS - The moment Sam Gouveia was gifted a sewing machine for his ninth birthday has gone viral. David Begnaud shares the story behind the special gift in our "Uplift at Eight."  {Click HERE to read more}
It's FINALLY here! - The Katalina Shoulder Bag 
It's FINALLY here! Today we're releasing the Katalina Shoulder Bag and webpage. There's been a lot of things distracting me in the last few months so it kinda feels like I've been working on this pattern for a long, LONG time! Anyway, it sure feels good to finally share it with you!
For more pictures & info about this fun new pattern just click HERE!  PLUS--- If you type this discount code - 877XKATA - into the coupon code box at checkout, you'll get $2.99 off the retail price of the Katalina pattern. And here's an idea- Why drive all over town looking for notions & other supplies when you can easily slip a Katalina Notions Only Kit in with your pattern order AND at a nifty discounted price too! Click HERE to check it out!   And don't worry- you'll be able to choose your hardware color & zipper style at checkout!
This coupon code cannot be used for previous purchases, or in combination with other discount offers & will expire at 11:59pm on  the night of 9/3/22.  

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