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American Indian Cultural Center Facing Stiff Opposition in the House
Cultural Center Refuses to Provide Additional Copies of Business PlanPromising Millions in Tax Revenue not from the Cultural Center but from a 450 Room Hotel and Conference Center
House sources are reporting stiff opposition to the high pressure tactics being used against House members prior to the vote on the American Indian Cultural Center senate bill.   The plan would steal 40 million dollars from the state unclaimed property fund, transferring millions of private citizen’s money into one of the best known corporate welfare schemes in Oklahoma.
The cultural center has already been given three chunks of state taxpayer funding, 33 million, 25 million, and 5 million, all of which were promised to be the last injection of taxpayer funding into the failed project.  The largest amount was a bond issue which will cost the state taxpayers millions and millions of dollars in interest and bond fees.
An audit of the cultural center revealed massive deficiencies, improper planning, and improper leadership that chose the most expensive plan to build the center despite having only one twentieth of the financing in place.    House members have confirmed that the tax projections given by the cultural center in their business plan are predicated on a 450 room hotel and conference center in addition to the cultural center.   However many of the House members have learned about the chicanery with the tax projections and are demanding that a copy of the business plan be made available to the entire House of Representatives roster prior to any vote.
Publically several tribes have endorsed the plan but privately the same leaders have told legislators that the plan is doomed and that extraordinary pressures are being applied to force the tribes to back the project.  That pressure ultimately comes from the State Chamber of Commerce but the ones twisting arms is senate leadership.
Reports of a wide chasm between budget needs this year are circulating with the Governor’s office and the Senate being in lockstep and the House demanding a lower budget.  The cultural center, pay raises, and bond issues for repairing the Capitol are the main points of disagreement.
One of our recent stories on the Cultural Center generated a reader email that pointed out the fallacy of one of the arguments put forth by those trying to steal the private taxpayer money:


u're right on with the Wade Blake article.  Regarding Question 9:


9. Why is it important to pass SB 1651 now?

The question of what to do with the partially completed AICCM is unfinished state business which must be resolved in order to avoid waste of the tens of millions of dollars which have been spent on the project and to provide a return to the taxpayers on the state’s investment in the AICCM, which will be derived from increased tax revenues and economic benefits to citizens and their businesses.


The reason "must be resolved in order to avoid waste" is really bogus!  There is a long-held and very valid business principle of never making a financial decision based on consideration of "sunk costs".  Doing so will ALWAYS generate a faulty--and costly!--conclusion.   Those tens of millions of dollars are gone; they have absolutely nothing to do with whether or how more should be spent.  The only thing that matters in such a decision is whether and how current and future goals and methods apply.  Those past dollars are "sunk"--can't do anything about them, period!  Only fools and crooks use this kind of an argument to justify future financial decisions.  Look it up in any basic financial management textbook.

Speaker Jeff Hickman is said to be holding firm to conservative values, knowing full well that he must face re election in a few weeks if he wants to continue as Speaker in the upcoming session.    The freshman class of legislators has banded together and demanded conservative leadership in the House and their block of votes is impossible to overcome so we expect Hickman to stand firm against the senate bill that would fund the Cultural Center.
OCPAC and Charlie Meadows of course have abandoned their opposition of the Cultural Center after a newsletter a few weeks back where Charlie demanded that his readers provide better options for dealing with the Cultural Center, ending the story with a request that his readers contact their legislators and express their views regardless of which side of the debate there were on.  Charlie doesn’t like to lose, his win loss record is more important than being consistent so he has abandoned the fight to stop the massive theft of private money to fund the boondoggle.   Meadows has also attacked the current Speaker Jeff Hickman, claiming that a conservative bloodbath occurred after Hickman was elected.  In fact, only a handful of House members lost committee leadership assignments and just as many sidelined conservatives were reappointed to committee leadership posts including uber conservatives Mike Ritze and Mike Reynolds.
Of course Charlie Meadows labeled Rep. Mike Ritze as a RINO in his last Conservative Index despite a long history of super conservative, constitutional bills and votes.   In fact, one of the bills used to damage Mike Ritze’s conservative reputation was itself found to be unconstitutional under our state constitution’s logrolling clause.
Our money is on the legislation being defeated or not even put on the calendar for a vote.   It is an election year and all of the House members are up for re election.  We have a reformed Speaker running the show, conservative by demand if not by his natural leanings, and he wants to be re elected as Speaker in a few weeks.  And the final reason we believe that the Cultural Center senate bill is doomed is that enough of the House members have realized that the tax monies projected by the Cultural Center are vastly inflated or predicated upon hundreds of millions in additional taxpayer money to finance a 450 room hotel and conference center, not to mention that the last MAPS program also put forth a major hotel and conference center downtown.  Wiser heads see the inconsistencies in the arguments for stealing private funds and the word is that the senate bill simply isn’t going to get enough votes to pass on the House Floor if it gets that far.
Senate Security Video System Tap Reveals Special Interests
 Behind the American Indian Cultural Center!
Shocking video tape of a phone call between Senate Pro Tem Brian Bingman and State Chamber leader Fred Jordan reveals the enormous pressure being placed upon the House members to pass SB 1651. 
One Backstabbing Coming Up!
Otherwise Thanksgiving Will be Very Interesting this Year
Sources are telling us that Congressman Jim Bridenstine has picked up a challenger.   Former Democrat Tom Atkinson according to several sources, confirmed by looking up his campaign donations to Stuart Price and Kathy Taylor, is said to be filing against Bridenstine despite Atkinson’s being  married to Dewey Bartlett’s sister.   Bridenstine supported Dewey Bartlett and took a lot of flack from conservatives for supporting the RINO candidate, justifying it by saying that he couldn’t have a liberal mayor in the largest city in his district.
Who is funding the challenge?   We are told that former John Sullivan staffers including Shane Saunders who are upset at losing their cushy government jobs are part of the opposition along with various establishment types that are upset with Bridenstine’s conservative votes.   Atkinson is oil money, a lawyer, and appears to have plenty of financial backing at this point.
So we will be watching to see if Dewey Bartlett turns on Congressman Bridenstine or if he stays loyal for the support Bridenstine gave in the Tulsa Mayor race. 
Dark Money Finances the Dark Candidate
By the Watchman
So former House Speaker T.W. Shannon has thrown his hat in the ring for the open Senate seat. We’ve seen his advertisements where he’s claimed to be the most Conservative Speaker in the state’s history. We find those claims to be mostly true, but when you consider the prior Speakers, they didn’t set a very high bar. He did manage to score a 43 on the RINO in 2011. That was the highest of any speaker we’ve had since we started keeping track. But he also earned a dismal one point on the 2013 RINO Index and passed the largest budget in state history.   Then there  is the fact that he is ignoring a third challenger in the Republican race for senate also. Does he think he has it wrapped up already?
Speaker Shannon started his campaign off with this, The Okie » Shannon Steps Down As Speaker. Now he was correct in resigning his post as speaker as he can only file for one office in the upcoming election. Running a state wide campaign is time consuming. It also raises the question as to how well he can serve his constituents and indeed the people of the State of Oklahoma in the House of Representatives while running a state wide campaign.
We didn’t have any real problem with his first ad that he ran. You can see it here. We did find it to be truthful for the most part. His second add was a different story. We were unable to find a copy of it, however what truly gave us heartburn was his claim of getting us a tax cut. While it may be true that they passed a tax cut, the way they passed it, they knew that it would be overturned by the courts. It is our view that the tax cut was made by the House, Senate and Governor combined with other legislation in a term known as “Logrolling” in full knowledge that the Oklahoma Supreme Court would find it Un-Constitutional. It had happened to several laws they passed the year before. That is not Conservative leadership; that’s Chicago politics.
Why did they do this you might ask? It’s simple really. This is an election year. There is nothing these politicians would like better than to go home and campaign and claim they got you, the Citizen of Oklahoma, a tax cut. Speaker Shannon is using it in his run for Senate; Governor Fallin is using it in her re-election campaign. It sure seems strange that the tax cut was left off the agenda for the special session the Governor called over the summer. Our advice to you is, if your candidate says they passed it; remind them the Supreme Court said it was un-Constitutional.
So how is Speaker Shannon financing his campaign? Here is where it really gets interesting. We first came across this article.  This is the first group we identified. Oklahomans for a Conservative Future Inc. This is dark money, a  for profit company. You can see the definition of Dark Money here. So who is this dark money group pulling the strings?   Individuals associated with Fount Holland and Majority Designs, who else?  Funded by Manhattan Construction and the Chickasaw Nation but both are doing cartwheels trying to avoid being discovered as Shannon’s money source in case Lankford wins.
This raises a moral issue for Speaker Shannon. Should he become the Junior Senator from Oklahoma, is he going to work for the people of Oklahoma or the special interest groups that financed his campaign? With his biggest donor being a for profit business set up specifically to get him elected, we’d dare say the special interest groups. After all he did sell our children out to the Governor in 2013.
Speaker Shannon is proud of this endorsement. We found this to be an interesting endorsement. We can understand the GOP wanting diversity. We can understand the GOP wanting a Conservative in the Senate. What we can’t understand is the GOP wanting to put a Tom Cole minion in the Senate. Yes you are seeing that. Speaker Shannon once worked as a Field Representative for Congressman Tom Cole. Congressman Cole has a current Constitutional voting record of 43%. Are you beginning to see the similarities here? We wonder if she would have made that endorsement if she knew that at a recent town hall meeting with a Representative here in the Oklahoma House, Speaker Shannon actually stated that we live in a Democracy not a Republic. Really Speaker Shannon. Did they teach the Common Core Standards at your school way back then? We didn’t even know they had experimented with it back when you were in school.
By his own admission, the endorsement of Governor Palin is worth more than money. We found this article here .We question the claim of his being the most Conservative candidate in the race. Throughout the articles mentioned so far, the race has been indicated to be a two man race. A race between Speaker Shannon and Congressman Lankford. They have conveniently left out Senator Brogdon. We must ask ourselves why?
It would appear that Speaker Shannon rose to prominence in the national party at CPAC 2013. It was there that he was placed on this list. The endorsement troubles us in the fact that it didn’t appear to include the record of the legislature during the time that the House was under the control of a Republican, as was the Senate, and a Republican Governor sat in the State House. The budget grew, the size of government grew and nothing was done to reduce the state’s debt.
Speaker Shannon also received this endorsement, GOPAC Discusses Their Endorsement of T.W. Shannon on FoxNews Live - T.W. Shannon for U.S. Senate - T.W. Shannon for U.S. Senat. This makes it clear that the Republican elite has chosen Speaker Shannon to replace Senator Coburn in the Senate. This wasn’t based on the best candidate. Nor was it based on the most Conservative candidate. This was based on political correctness and to show the diversity within the Republican Party. Those are not valid reasons to elect a candidate to an office. Those are ploys to go after a voting block that the Republican party hasn’t had a lot of luck getting votes from.
So who is TW Shannon? We went to the internet and found this. This is a real eye opener for us. He worked for the only Congressman we are aware of that imposed a term limit on himself and stuck to it. We’re talking about Representative J.C. Watts. A drawback in our opinion is he also worked for undoubtedly one of the worse Congressmen this state has ever had, that is Tom Cole. There are Democrats in Congress with a higher Constitutional voting record than Tom Cole.
We also found this article. This article just reinforces the premise that the Republican Party is not after the best candidate or the most conservative candidate to fill the position, only diversity. This is being politically correct for all the wrong reasons.
Then there is the unique way some of the groups supporting Speaker Shannon’s bid are financing themselves. We found this article. They know it’s going to be controversial. They think it could be revolutionary. The one item they haven’t asked is it legal. These are questions that are sure to be raised by the Federal Elections Commission.
All of that went out the window on March 25, 2014. In the following article, they claim to have made a mistake, Group supporting T.W. Shannon makes paperwork error - Tulsa World: Elections. We find this claim to be dubious at best. They bragged just a little too much in the previous articles about how revolutionary of an idea they had was to now admit they had made a mistake. They had to call in an Attorney from D.C. that specializes in campaign finance law to help them get the situation resolved. Sounds like political spin to us.
In closing we can only say that Speaker Shannon will not receive the endorsement of the Sooner Tea Party in his bid for the open seat. Any one individual who would sell the people of the state of Oklahoma particularly the children down the toilet to protect the standing of the Governor, knowing the Governor’s position is wrong, does not deserve our endorsement, nor the vote of the people of this great state. It’s a shame that good sound Conservatives have been fooled into endorsing this man all for the basis of diversity in the party.
The Trip To The Moon, Part 5
By Ms PM
Last week we touched on the importance to stop Agenda 21 and even though this blackmail charge isn’t about Agenda 21 it was the catalyst. We know the State Chamber of Commerce is intertwined in all of this Agenda 21 crap. Just as we know they do not want Agenda 21 stopped. Their supply of money, unending influence and power over every politician in Oklahoma makes their voice heard above any citizen. In the States Motion their response says, “The State of Oklahoma has no knowledge of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce’s position on House Bill 1442 and contends it is irrelevant to this prosecution.”
We ask, irrelevant and to whom? Senator Cliff Branan or the citizens of Oklahoma?
There are some things that people just “know” and there are many folks other than Al that know beyond any doubt that turning state sovereignty over to the U.N. will supersede our Constitution and strip away our rights.  Many times those we elect do not investigate the issues to be voted on, ignore genuine concerns from constituents, and rule as king. The evidence of this action from Branan is on page 32 of the Preliminary Transcript, Line 25. The question, “whom do you work for?” And the answer from page 33, line 1, “I work for the State Senate.” Branan does admit that his ultimate responsibility lies to the people of Oklahoma. It is odd that his first response was the “State Senate,” and we believe the people take a back seat.
The motion goes on to say that Al was willing to keep his mouth shut about anything he had on Branan if the Senator did what Al wanted, or as the motion says “control the Senators actions.” As what was said in a previous story, Al didn’t have anything so that statement is not true. What is true is that Al was more than willing to dig it up. Government plays this ball game every day so why is a citizen forbidden from the same unspoken rules they all play under?
Does this mean they are more important because they have more power? If you horn in on the same tactics they use are you guilty of something because you are “accused” of doing wrong? Even though you learned their game by watching the script they follow? This is an excellent example of the set of double standards governing politicians over what we the people are governed by.
Branan is the Chairman of the Energy Committee. It is his job to entice politicians to vote a certain way, this is what they all do. For Branan to say, on page 35, line 10 “That’s not my style,” he’s right up there with the 4 Pinocchio’s the President received for his “lie of the year.“ If politicians were held to the same laws as the people they govern, they would be in jail. There has never been a dirtier game as politics played on the uninformed American people that continue the usurpation of power under their noses.
This is the video taken at the Capitol for the press conference Al did regarding this issue about HB 1412 and the rumor about Branan’s infidelity.
If you take the time to listen to what Al actually said it will become clear that Branan is a master of deception and spin when it comes to the truth, regardless of him (Branan) wanting folks to believe his style is admirable.
In the Preliminary Transcript, page 32, lines 9 through 12, the State attorney asked him (Branan) this question. “Were you made aware of any kind of rumors that were—or allegations that were made by Mr. Gerhart during that press conference about an affair that you were having?” The answer from Branan, “Shortly after the press conference, I heard that he had said during that press conference that I had an extramarital affair.” The truth is that Al was told of the rumor. . . Al stated over and over that the rumor could not be substantiated and in no way was he (Al) going to accuse Branan of something that could not be proven. Only this time Branan was hoping the rumor would add fuel to his attack against Al. Al does believe that Branan was thinking that he could dig up the truth and this is why the blackmail charges were filed against him.
I refer back to part one when I began this story with what John Adams said-It would be an absurdity for jurors to be required to accept the judge’s view of the law, against their own opinion, judgment, and conscience. I also go back to my day in court as an almost juror walking away with the absolute belief that it doesn’t matter what the case is about but rather which lawyer can sway opinion based on the way the lawyer will conduct their opinion and convince a jury in their favor regardless of what the law says.
In trials, there are pretty much three types of lawyers. The first is what I’ll call a “relationship” type of lawyer. They know everyone and go around shaking hands and slapping each other on the back. They want the plea bargains regardless of the actual facts. It’s all over soon and they can get on with another case. The second type is a lawyer that prepares the brief. They are the brains, know the law inside and out and try to convince the judge to dismiss the case. The third type is the trial attorney. They are the pit-bulls. They grab on and fight to the death.
Getting to know Al over the years there is no doubt that the pit-bull will be sought out. For Branan to say that the Sooner Tea Party is a roll-o-dex of crazies, we might ask him to look in the mirror to get a firsthand look at crazy, stand there a moment longer and reflect on the image of his own corruption. Justice is supposed to be blind and laws are there to protect the rights of everyone. The STP will always fight with our pens and paper. We will investigate information and seek the truth. We believe Branan is a weed kept alive through corruption. We all know what a weed can do to a garden.
The states motion refers to a case, United States v. Irving and says, “Defendant (Al) has provided no legal authority for his legal hair-splitting, and common sense dictates that using fear to cause one to part with property, or to perform some act against their will (passing legislation they do not agree with, forgoing a challenge to some zoning change the blackmailer wants pushed through, etc.) are all forms of extortionate action.
The key words in this are “common sense and fear.” Whose common sense is the state talking about? All common sense belongs to everyone involved and common sense is relative to each situation. Common sense to an electrician is different than the common sense of an accountant. The accountant may cut a wire to remove a light fixture with sparks flying and the electrician would say common sense tells me to first shut off the power. The electrician may keep track of itemized deductions on a ledger that he can figure out but no one else can. The accountant says common sense tells me to follow a consistent accounting protocol when filling out a ledger. Are both of these examples enough to say neither electricians nor accountants have common sense?
The next word is “fear,” to cause one to perform some act against their will. No act was performed, Branan did what he wanted and ignored all concerns about HB 1412 from not only Al, but from any concerned citizen outside his district. Does this really sound like he was fearful?
I still personally believe that the Senator will make himself his own laughing stock via any information that may surface. We certainly will not have to put any words in his mouth nor be held accountable for his dirty deeds.
When the citizens of Oklahoma take the time to send emails to Senator Branan’s office and address their correspondence to the Senator it is believed that the Senator will take the time to read about their concerns, not necessarily respond, but at the least hear them out. All of the Senator’s emails never go directly to his desk. He doesn’t utilize a computer. All correspondence goes to his executive assistant, Ms. Townsend. She scans and sorts all of it. After the sorting process, not all of the emails go to the Senator, Townsend looks for those that are from a personal friend, from a constituent who’s recognizable by previous correspondence, or if she recognizes that an address given is within his district, and now, anything from Al.
So, given this testimony by Ms. Townsend in the Preliminary Transcript on pages 8 and 9 it shows that Senator Branan will only have the privy of emails from those within his district. His actions affect every citizen in Oklahoma and his callus lack of acknowledgment to those outside his district are pretty much wasting their time attempting to contact the Senator. When the Senator sits in a court of law under oath stating that he does what is best for all of Oklahoma it is easy to call him out, place a liar -  liar butts on fire tag to his sorry ass, and know he could care less about what you have to say regarding any bill that comes up for a vote. For anyone paying attention, this is a transparent glimpse into Branan’s actions speaking volumes over the words he uses to pander to the people of Oklahoma. This testimony from the Senator is exactly why I believe he is making himself his own laughing stock.
This is a little of what is going on with this blackmail case. Some of it is based on feelings and feelings are not facts. Some of it is fact and some of it definitely questions some things stated as fact. There is no doubt that an undercurrent of truth, justice and corruption is about to erupt. The questions are for each of our readers to answer for themselves. Will the truth come out or will the corruption continue? There is a lot at stake for all of us because if they can manufacture felony charges out of whole cloth then none of us are safe if we have something they want or if we get in the way. We welcome everyone to show up for the showdown on May 5, 2014.
Next week we will have a story of yet again another massive example of corruption coming out of the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s office.     More questions will be obviously…unanswered.
Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny.—Edmund Burke
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