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YM Exchange - NEW Resources!!!

Pastor2youth Resource Exchange

YM Exchange - NEW Resources!!!

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I am working hard to add new resources to the YM Exchange section as frequently as possible, in order to make this a continually growing site, and to continue to provide wonderful, FREE resources to you throughout the year.

If you have any files that you would be willing to share and bless others with, PLEASE submit them to the YM Exchange HERE!

Also, make sure you stop by and check out the following new additions: (Reminder - You must be a registered user to access and download files in the YM Exchange - but registration is FREE)

* 12 New Miscellaneous Resources - Including 9 dramas, a resource for catholics, a parent survey for student ministry, and a songbook with over 550 songs including Guitar Chords.

* 6 New Powerpoint Games

* 5 New Powerpoint Lessons

* 1 New Lesson - including the student handout and the powerpoint to go with it.

And more being added each week!  Be sure to stop by, check it out, and share something with others!

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The Go-Card - A Great, Easy, and Profitable Fundraiser for Your Group!

Games Translated into 5 Languages


If you've ever organized or participated in a fundraising project for a school, sports team, church or other nonprofit organization, then you know what a huge commitment and hassle this can be. Lost or missing inventory, incomplete order forms, distributing catalogs, and having to go back a second time to deliver products can turn your fundraising project into a time-consuming, logistical nightmare.

Unless you select the Go-Card as your fundraising program.

The GO-CARD is a wallet-size plastic discount card that displays your organization's name, photo or logo on the front side, and 12 discount offers from area restaurants and businesses on the back side. Your organization sells the GO-CARDS to the public and keeps 80% of the proceeds!*

Card holding customers present the Go-Card at these restaurants and businesses to receive a discount; the Go-Cards are valid for a one-year period.

* Your Organization Wins … when you see how simple the process is and how much money you can raise

* The Merchants Win ... because the Go-Cards increase their sales and number of customers

The Customers Win ... because they save money at local restaurants and businesses

HIGH PROFITS … WITHOUT the HASSLES of other fundraising methods!

No car washes
No bake sales
No catalogs to carry around
No melted candy to mess with
No magazine subscription forms to fill out
No need to go back a second time to deliver the product

AND... you don't even have to pay for the cards up-front. You can have 30 days of fundraising to make all your money before you have to pay for them.

CLICK HERE To Find Out More!!!

PLUS, as a User, if you use THIS LINK to get more information, then exclusive ONLY to users, you will receive an extra 50 Cards if you sign up for this fundraiser, with any size order (That's a FREE $500 in profit), AND if you do pay for your order up-front, then you will receive another 50 cards for free (That's yet another FREE $500 in profit). That means you could have $1,000 in clear, free profit just for going with this incredible fundraiser and using the link HERE.

Check it out... you will NOT be disappointed, and you will make a high profit margin on this fundraiser.

(Note: If you explore the go-card website, which I encourage you to do, make sure you return to THIS LINK to download their FREE report on how this fundraiser works and to make sure you receive the free bonus cards as a user. If you don't use that link, you won't be able to get the free bonus cards.)

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"A Critical Parable"

by Melissa Rau

Hot Topic

"Once there was a youth worker who, for the most part, loved her job. She loved building relationships with her youth, she loved teaching volunteers how to engage youth, she loved helping parents learn better ways to disciple their children, among many other things.

She had taken over a thriving group a year before, after the last youth director retired. Though the group had decreased in numbers, that was to be expected, right? After all, the group had been in transition. And the kids who were showing up really wanted to be there!

Though she loved her job, she didn’t like all of it. She was free spirited, so she couldn’t understand when people got angry that she missed a deadline. She would often make excuses why the material that was supposed to be planned and communicated by such-and-such a date wasn’t ready to go after all. But what was the big deal? She had it under control. Why couldn’t these people get off her back and let her do her job when she wanted to do it? People loved her creativity and enthusiasm, but the people who worked closely with her often couldn’t handle her last-minute nature. She couldn’t help but criticize them for their lack of flexibility. She didn’t see what the big deal was. She was getting it done. They were the ones with the problem. Their expectations of her were ridiculous and irrelevant.

Then there was the youth worker down the street from that other church. She’d been there for a little over a year. She, too, loved her job for the same reasons the other girl did. She understood that she couldn’t be everything to everyone, so she spent most of her time pouring into the volunteers to help them disciple every youth in the church. She effectively communicated with parents and loved to help them understand the youth culture. She loved her team!

She took over when the last person who did the job moved away. Though there was a breaking-in period, the group had actually grown a bit. The kids often brought their friends. And what was even greater was that she was able to recruit more volunteers.

But she had her weaknesses, too. She was free-spirited and often struggled with deadlines. She had a tough time finding traction, and she had to discipline herself to get the day to day stuff accomplished. But when someone approached her with their concerns, she, along with her team, strategized to help her overcome her deficiencies. She surrounded herself with people who cared about her and the youth ministry to help her be accountable to them and to herself. She realized that the bar was set high, but with the help of her team, she was able to successfully maintain a healthy rhythm in her ministry.

How do you handle criticism?"

Article Source:

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NEW!!! The Hot Seat - "In The Moment" Discussions, Games, and Activities to Get Your Teenagers Talking

The Hot Seat - Physical

Don't settle for ordinary discussions as you and your students travel to your next mission trip, hang out during a weekend retreat, or simply kick back after a midweek service. Put students on the spot and reap the rewards of fun, unexpected conversations with Hot Seat: "In the Moment" Discussions, Games, and Activities to Get Your Teenagers Talking.

Use these creative games to get to know your students on a deeper level. Bring them out of their shell. Draw them into conversations that will break down walls and kindle authenticity, honesty, and stronger friendships. Turn your shared time into the most exciting part of the adventure.

Filled with imaginative activities, games, and discussion topics, this book will help you have fun as you spend time with your students. You'll learn a lot about them, but they'll also discover amusing things about you!

The real fun begins the instant you leave the church parking lot or the moment the official agenda ends. Use this dynamic resource to engage your teenagers in conversations about who they are, who they dream of becoming, the challenges they face, and what they value most in life.

BUY NOW for ONLY $5.99!!!

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