We had a good turnout of NYDP super-stars in our Zoom last night to share updates of our LETS DANCE NYC Campaign. The 2-step strategy will 1) Target & deploy uniformed officers to get venues to sign on to the campaign at legalizedance.org and 2) Encourages social media posts of the petition.
And today I did some scouting with my partner, Jour, and came up with this target list of 15 East Village venues for our first Pub Crawl this Friday! The pub crawl kicks off with a Dance Police rally at Baker Falls, 101 Avenue A this Friday 9/22 at 6pm.
We have Dance Police shirts and a few hats for ya'll but if you have a uniform already, please wear it (NYDP is environmentally friendly!)
and let me know if you have any questions!
Greg Miller
Dance Parade New York


Calling all Officers: Dance Police Pub Crawl Friday 9/22 6pm to encourage dance!
(meet at Baker Falls, 101 Ave A bet 6/7 St)


Despite the 2017 repeal of the racist 1926 Cabaret Law that restricted dance to licensed venues, NYC's Zoning Laws still do not allow dance in any venue under 200 patrons. And venues above a 200 person capacity can exist only in high density commercial and manufacturing distric

Beyond The Zone was Dance Parade's 2023 theme and reflects the need to remove "dancing" as an activity that needs to be regulated by zoning. We seek to have Mayor Adams & City Council adjust outdated zoning laws to allow dancing to flourish in all corners of the City, ending discriminatory and racist practices that have affected marginalized communities for nearly 100 years.

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Dance Parade New York believes live dance
has the potential to awaken a communal human spirit
which can help build a more equitable and vibrant society.


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