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The eyesore of the derelict housing next to the car park on Ruabon High Street has gone on for long enough.
The properties have been left empty for twelve years, and nothing has been done. My former colleague and friend, the late Cllr. Barrie Price, fought tirelessly to resolve the issue before his untimely passing away.
This has gone on long enough, and something can be done.
That is why next week I will be calling on Wrexham Council to issue a Complusory Purchase Order (CPO) for these empty properties.
Having spoken to several homeless people in Wrexham recently, it has shocked me how many of them are ex-military. They have been asked to sacrifice their lives for others, but left forgotten by the State.
That is why I will call on the Council to not only issue a CPO but work with Veterans Charities to create much needed housing for veterans that have been abandoned, for them to rebuild their lives and contribute fully to society once again.
If you agree with me then I will be at the car park on the High St. next Tuesday morning (20th October) at 09:30 for a photo to support my call. Can you come along?
It would be great to see you there.
Mabon ap Gwynfor
Plaid Cymru - The Party Of Wales
Clwyd South
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