Available from Cambio for all your PCR needs:
  • miniPCR™ mini16 thermal cycler: our favourite PCR machine that goes anywhere, now with double the capacity, but the same tiny footprint. The era of every molecular biologist having a personal PCR machine on their own bench is now here!
  • PCRClean DX: proprietary paramagnetic bead technology for quick high-throughput purification of DNA fragments
  • Buccal swabs: designed for safe, gentle buccal cell collection for subsequent DNA extraction and PCR analysis
  • MegaTaq: An excellent and affordable Taq polymerase that comes with 10X PCR buffers in a ready-to-use format (either with or without electrophoresis tracking dyes) or wth a buffer that lacks MgCl2 that allows researchers to test and/or use their own optimal magnesium ion concentration for primers and template of choice.  We call it MegaTaq because it is of excellent quality at an affordable price.
  • DNA Removal: PCR Clean™: a novel, advanced solution for the elimination of contaminant DNA from all laboratory surfaces and apparatus. You may remember it as DNA Remover™
  • Tech tip: how to run a PCR marathon - focus on tricky PCRs with very long amplicons.
  • Offer: don't forget Glen Research offers a number of phosphoramidites for increasing specificity of your PCR primers which are currently on special offer:
Christmas opening:
Cambio will be closed from 21st December 2018 until 2nd January 2019.
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