Avoid A Summer Meltdown!

As summer heats up, Snelson Collision Repair would like to remind you that a hot summer climate has the potential to seriously harm a vehicle. If left with the windows closed, a car sitting in the summer heat for an extended period of time can reach temperatures in excess of 100 degrees. Numerous mechanical failures can occur due to the heat alone such as a hose rupture, dead battery, flat tires and even engine meltdown.

Today's auto manufacturers must build cars under increasingly strict control defined by the EPA standards, which require better fuel efficiency and lower exhaust emissions. One significant way they have complied is by manufacturing engines with more aluminum, which is much lighter than the older cast iron versions of yesteryear.

The bad news is that aluminum has a lower melting point than iron, and it is not as forgiving when it must run at high temperatures Factor in the equation with the possibility of a coolant leak and you have yourself a very grave situation; an engine meltdown.


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