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Stranded, Survival Without Supplies!
  One of the most dangerous situations for anyone is being stranded in the woods without any supplies. Perhaps you intended to take a short walk and a storm rolled in and you can’t make it back home, your car broke down in the middle of nowhere, or maybe SHTF on that one day... Read More HERE!
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Surviving Contaminated Water!

Sunday 3/13/2016 7pm/Et 4pm/Pt

Cat Ellis "Herbal Prepper Live"
Contaminated water is a leading cause of life-threatening infections after a disaster. When our modern lives turn into third world conditions, waterborne illnesses will be one of the first challenges for survival. While disease prevention is vital, what would you do if you or a loved one became ill from contaminated water? Listen to this episode to learn more...... Read More HERE   

Best Prepper Movies and Shows!

Monday 3/14/2016 9pm/Et 6pm/Pt

Highlander "Survival & Tech Preps"
  This show I will talk about the best Prepper style movies, and television shows. There are many that have popped up within the past 20 years and a lot of them make you think, are you really prepared? We may see a lot of these as fiction, but some actually do a lot of research and are somewhat accurate, and...  Read More  HERE 

Alternatives to Firearms!

Tuesday 3/15/2016 9pm/Et 6pm/Pt

Josh "7P's of Survival"
Last week we had an in depth discussion of firearms selection and this week we will be talking about some alternatives for our friends in countries not as firearm friendly, those in the dreaded CA or NY or those who simply are not able to get access to a firearm or chose to go...Read More  HERE!   

Historically Speaking!

Wednesday 3/16/2016 9pm/Et 6pm/Pt

DJ Cooper "Surviving Dystopia"
This week there are a few specific events to discuss and many to consider. Ways we can remember what the history teaches us and apply it to our own lives and preparations. What should it teach us so we can seek in it ways to better our chances in the future. There is much to be found in our past to aid us in an uncertain future, learning from... Read More HERE 

Doomsday Book of Medicine!

Friday 3/18/2016 9pm/Et 6pm/Pt

James Walton "I Am Liberty"
Imagine a world without doctors, a brutal world that could exist in our near future or in the distant. For a second however envision a person you love with a life threatening injury. Are you prepared to deal with that? Are you prepared to save someone you love? No medicine... Read More Here! 

Agriculture, Keeping Up!

Saturday 3/19/2016 9pm/Et 6pm/Pt

Brett Bauma "Makers on Acres"
  Tune in Saturday night to hear my discussion on how I believe that the current food system will crash and no longer be able to sustain the future additional billions of residents on this earth. We all mostly depend on the food that appears on grocery store shelves. What will happen when the day comes that it’s not there on a regular basis?. Read More HERE! 
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Prepper Broadcasting Past Highlights

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March 13 2016 Tools Talk!

Makers on AcresTools
Tools Talk! Brett Bauma “Makers on acres” Ok here it is, my absolute favorite topic, The TOOL!  I love them for many reasons. They provide me with what I need to make a living as an electrician, and they also provide me the ability to fix things around the homestead. 

March 12 2016 Books, The Entire Prepper Survival Library Give A Way!

Books, always the ultimate resource! When or if the poo starts flying, preppers will soon come to realize that their prepper/survival library may well be the most valuable resource he or she owns. Could it be more valuable than water, food, or shelter? For the majority it could be and I’ll explain why further on. …

March 11 2016 Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy!

HealthMedicalMedicinePrepping for TomorrowTreatment
Dr. Bones + Nurse Amy: Authors & Medical Preparedness Experts Bobby Akart “Prepping for Tomorrow” On this week’s episode of the Prepping for Tomorrow program with Author Bobby Akart, Joe Alton, also known as Dr. Bones, and his wife Amy, also known as Nurse Amy will be my special guests. 

March 10 2016 Surviving the first 72 hours!

DisasterSurvivalSurvival ItemsSurviving Dystopia
Surviving the first 72 hours! DJ Cooper “SurvivingDystopia” We are told over and over again to have a 72 hour bag.  This bag will help get you home or just get you through those first 3 days. Thinking back to previous shows and to even the page for this show.  There is a quote by …

March 09 2016 Firearm selection!

7 P’s of SurvivalgunsSurvival ItemsWeapons
Firearm selection! Josh “The 7P’s of Survival” It’s time to explore a topic I have only touched on a few times on the show, firearm selection. I know everyone has a passionate opinion on this topic with what they believe is the right weapon to have in any given circumstance! We explore selecting a firearm for …

March 08 2016 Zombie Survival Camp!

InterviewPlanningPreparednessSelf DefenseSurvivalTech Preps
Zombie Survival Camp! Highlander “Survival & Tech Prep” On this Episode we welcome Mark from theZombieSurvival Camp to talk about the services this camp offers. I know what you are thinking, the zombie survival camp, are you serious is this even legit? But It is, a real camp to train for firearms, crossbow, self-defense with knives and …

March 06 2016 Control projects created!

Makers on AcresPowerTechnology
Control projects created! Brett Bauma “Makers on Acres” This week on the Makers On Acres Tech, Build and Grow show we are going to be discussing Arduino! It has been a while since we have visited the world of Arduino Micro controllers! Tweet Follow me

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