The global market of autonomous PV systems will reach 50 GW by 2020 according to a survey of the U.S. consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

They are an excellent alternative for electricity generation in difficult to access areas. Typical for them are shorter approval procedures, easy integration into buildings and lack of investment in electricity grids.

In line with the recent trends the autonomous photovoltaic systems will be in the focus of the 2013 EE & RE Congress and Exhibition and the SEE Solar Exhibition for South-East Europe.

We introduce below the activities of Filkab and Motto Engineering, exhibitors at this year's event. Experts from both companies share their views in interviews about the current status and future directions of development of photovoltaics in Bulgaria.
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In recent years FILKAB has been successfully operating in the field of renewable energy and accumulated rich experience. The company offers comprehensive services and turnkey photovoltaic plants and systems to its clients. It provides not only supply of all components and materials but also support activities - research, analysis, evaluation and optimization. Our portfolio includes:
● PV modules, inverters and inverter stations, structures ● controllers ● charging stations, rechargeable cells and batteries ● electrical switchboards, cables (low, medium and high voltage) ● cable accessories ● monitoring systems ●  weather stations, instruments and measuring equipment, etc.
Which are your recently completed projects?

In 2012 we implemented projects as a general contractor in the field of photovoltaic plants in Bulgaria with a capacity of 20MW, but as a subcontractor and supplier we participated in over 80 MW of PV projects ... 
Motto Engineering Ltd. is an innovative company specializing in the design, supply and construction of systems for the production of renewable energy. We offer our clients personalized advice and solutions for photovoltaic and hybrid systems for domestic use and for implementation in industry. We realize all our projects applying latest technology for energy storage and power management.
Which are your recently completed projects?
In the second half of 2012 Motto Engineering implemented or is in the process of implementation of five  photovoltaic power plants with capacities of 70 to 80 kWp and one roof photovoltaic system with a capacity of 20 kWp. We note a growth of the autonomous (for private use) photovoltaic and hybrid systems and as  more significant among these projects we can mention an autonomous photovoltaic system with a capacity of 7,7 kWp and a hybrid autonomous system with a combination of photovoltaic and wind turbine with capacity of 5 kWp.
What will you present at the SEE Solar Exhibition and what are your expectations from your participation?

We will present the capabilities of autonomous photovoltaic and hybrid systems, new systems for energy management and ...