NEWS & ADVENTURES                                                     ~ Nov/Dec 2010
Warm Wintery Greetings to you my Dear One!
I have THREE things to share with you today.
FIRST: below all these paragraphs is a list of the last of my shows for 2010 which I encourage you to check out. A couple of them are happening THIS weekend. I am excited about all of them, but I think I'm most excited about playing at the Goddess Crafts Fair in Sebastapol! It is a celebration of women's art, music and creativity, but it is open to all, and is a great place for your holiday shopping.
SECOND: Gratitude. Gratitude is my favorite emotional experience. If I can remain in a place of gratitude - for those around me, for music, for sunlight, for the earth, for my body, for communication and connection, for YOU, for birth and death and everything in between - I am able to accept just about anything life throws my way. So I hope that among your mouthfuls of Turkey (or Tofurkey), you greatly enjoy the practice of experiencing gratitude for all! I'll be right there with you.
THIRD: I just found out today that my first solo album, The Way to the Water, is an Editor's Pick on CDBaby (the biggest independent online music store around). Woohoo! Check it out:
Did you know that CD's, especially those recorded by independent artists, make the BEST stocking stuffers?
Because of this we have decided that just for the holidays, through December 2010, the new EP, Truth, Love & Understanding, will be available for direct mail order from Amanda West Music! Jan 2011 it will be back to live shows only, so if you want one, don't wait!
And this brings me to that topic of ... STUFF. I mean holiday gifts. I mean... There's something I feel compelled to remind you about before all the holiday shopping maddness begins: Your money is a very powerful tool for creating the world that we live in. I will not tell you what to buy or not to buy (well, except for my CD's, I do think you should get some more of those), but I beseech you to make sure you are FULLY AWARE of what your money is supporting and encouraging as you exchange it for things for your loved ones: Corporations or small local business? Paper, plastic or reusable? Sustainability or planetary destruction? Artist or machine?
Please, please check out this little movie before you start your shopping:  www.storyofstuff.orgIt has changed my life.
And with all of that, I am wishing you the most delicious, joyful, healthy, silly and compassionate holiday season full of peace, love, music, and of course, gratitude.
~ Amanda

U P C O M I N G  S H O W S :

Friday November 19th @ 6pm 
The Moraga Barn | 925 Country Club Drive, Moraga CA 
"The Peace of Wild Things", a closing Reception. Event starts @ 6pm. A one woman show of plein aire paintings by my beloved friend Shivani Rajan. Vistas from Big Sur to Mendocino to the Southwest will be on display as well as some new works from Wyoming. Music will be provided by Yours Truly & Pete Solomon, and there will be plenty of wine, delectables, & poetry. More 

Saturday November 20th @ 8pm 
Opening for Cosy Sheridan @ 
Mission City Coffee Co.| 2221 The Alameda, Santa Clara, CA 

Presented by Fiddling Cricket, this will be a wonderful evening of songs & storytelling. Cosy is truly one of my favorite songwriters - witty, brilliant, compelling and clever, she's got a great knack for social commentary and humor. I am honored to be opening the evening. Tickets are $15/$17 door. Get tix here: and learn more about Cosy 

Friday December 3rd @ 6-8pm 
First Fri Artwalk, Museum of Art & History| 705 Front St, Santa Cruz, CA
The Frist Friday of each month the streets come alive with art and music in downtown Santa Cruz. Hop on a bus and visit all the venues, or take your time with just a few. I will be offering music for the evening, accompanied by Pete Solomon in the atrium of the Museum of Art & History. So grab a friend and come enjoy art & music with your community ~ all for free! Find more info here: and here: 

Sunday December 5th @ 12:15pm 
Goddess Crafts Faire| Sebastopol Community Center, 390 Morris St., CA
A beautiful community celebration of the coming of winter, through women’s art, music and dance. I am SO excited to be a part of it! Attendees of the Women's Herbal Symposium ~ this one is especially for you! All genders & ages welcome. Suggested Donation: $5 - $13. More info here: 


Here is an enticing little taste of the exquisite artwork that my dear friend Shivani creates.
This piece, called California, is one of my favorites of hers.
Don't miss her closing show THIS Friday Nov 19th! Music by Yours Truly.  

p.s. If you are receiving this email it means you are on my general list where I love to share all upcoming show information and general thoughts. If you ONLY want to receive updates about shows in you area, please let me know.
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